World Wide Waste | Season 2 Marathon

People create over 2 billion tons of garbage every year. We all have to live with that. Others are doing something about it: They’re making vegan leather from rotten mangoes, recycling plastic into bricks, stuffing teddy bears with cigarette butts, and lacing up sneakers made from shopping bags. Welcome to World Wide Waste, a series about the messes we make and how people deal with them.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:30 Plastic Bricks
00:10:03 Montana Birds
00:20:28 Montana Toxic Pit
00:30:01 Vegan Leather
00:37:20 Plastic Bag Sneakers
00:43:32 Wind Turbines
00:50:01 Polystyrene Foam Recycling
00:57:03 Lavender Coal Mine
01:05:09 Guatemala Refrigerators
01:15:12 Shampoo Bars
01:21:03 Carbon Tiles
01:28:57 Food Waste Compost
01:38:18 Cigarette Recycling Teddy Bears
01:44:14 Luxury Plastic Bags
01:51:47 Christmas Tree Recycling
01:57:03 Electric Vehicle Batteries
02:03:10 Credits


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