Vinnie Paz – End of Days (feat. Block McCloud) [Official Music Video]

Vinnie Paz – End of Days (feat. Block McCloud) [Official Music Video]

Directed by Prime Cut (

Check out the uncensored version of “End of Days” on vimeo:

Check out more Vinnie Paz videos here:

Watch the behind scenes interview with Vinnie and Block:

Greek subtitles available courtesy of Champion AXD
Italian subtitles available courtesy of Iononesistoable
Polish subtitles available courtesy of RazielPOLAND & Pejo
(hit the CC button to activate them)

“End of Days” (prod. Sicknature) off Vinnie Paz’s (of Jedi Mind Tricks) debut solo album “Season of the Assassin” featuring Block McCloud (of AOTP & Brooklyn Academy), intro by David Icke


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