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I am the rabbi of Beit Emunah (LLC) -- We are a unique congregation in many ways. For example, we are politically conservative, pro-life, Sephardi-based, Breslov-focused and open-minded concerning Flat Earth and other topics. It is evident that society is being deceived on countless fronts and that many of the so-call Conspiracy Theories" were and are actually Conspiracy Facts. What is Truth? Ain Soph: G-d beyond human reasoning, not religion, political parties, etc. As we say: Adonai Echad. The absolute Oneness of the Eternal One is Truth. Everything is less than true to one degree or another. We love RTS because they are "real truth seekers." We are honored to be among such good folks. We welcome all sincere truth seekers. Everything we offer is free and online via our three websites., Our livestreams are made on Zoom and simulcasted through Youtube with a link here and on our other social media sites. Our websites are,, and Emunah is Hebrew for [motivating] Faith. If you have religious or spiritual questions and/or are looking for a religious home, we may be able to help. I am knowledgeable of all practically the world's religious. I have become convinced that the biblical model is Flat Earth. I still have some questions about the scientific model and continue to study. Paraphrasing the Bard, 'there is more to the heavens and the earth than are dreamed of in our philosophies'. Join us Wednesdays and Thursdays at Noon, and Thursdays at 8 PM, for book discussions and conversation. Join us Fridays at 8 PM and Saturdays at Noon for Shabbat services. All times US Eastern. We also do special broadcasts. Check for these. YOU are welcome! Visit for more information, studies, and links.
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Playing Powell-itics as inflation target in peril

The Fed and its chair, Jerome Powell, believe the 2% inflation target is sacrosanct and will risk a recession and bear market to get there. [©RTS]

American ranchers blame drought for higher meat prices at grocery stores

Cattle farmers have been experiencing some of the worst drought conditions ever. [©RTS]

Walgreens is offering up to $75,000 to recruit pharmacists amid shortage

Pharmacists are in such high demand that Walgreens is offering a hefty signing bonus of up to $75,000.  [©RTS]

‘Dr. Phil’ fires about 25 workers before start of new season

A “Dr. Phil” spokesperson said the show had “streamlined production to ensure longevity.” [©RTS]

SoulCycle to hit brakes on nearly 25% of its locations

Four New York City locations will be amongst the ones to close -- Grand Central, Soho, Park Slope, and West 92nd St -- along with a Hamptons outpost, sources said. [©RTS]

Costco couture: Billions on TikTok hot for fashion trends at store

Now you can snag a designer deal with that $4.99 rotisserie chicken — but only if you have that exclusive VIP card. [©RTS]

Best Buy cuts hundreds of store jobs to shave costs: report

Best Buy had last month forecast a steeper drop in annual sales than previously estimated. [©RTS]

Six Flags CEO blasted over ‘day care for teenagers’ remark, price hikes

“You can have your now 7-11 park with nickel and dime strategies while ignoring how it looks. You are pricing out everyone.” [©RTS]

Peloton slashing 800 jobs, raising bike prices

Shares of the company rose as much as 7.5%. [©RTS]

‘Big Short’ investor Michael Burry warns of consumer debt crisis: ‘Winter coming’

Burry has frequently warned of a looming economic crisis. [©RTS]

'Achilleshiel van maatschappij', zes oorzaken van personeelstekort

De berichten over tekorten aan personeel vliegen je om de oren: van de overheid en de kinderopvang, tot PostNL en NS, in allerlei sectoren piept en kraakt het. En dat… [©RTS]

Huisartsen vechten tarieven aan, coronavergoedingen geschrapt

Huisartsen maken bezwaar tegen de nieuwe tarieven voor hun zorg. De artsen vinden het onder meer onwenselijk dat ze geen intensieve zorg bij huisbezoeken aan coronapatiënten meer kunnen declareren vanaf… [©RTS]

Hoe het lage peil in de Rijn de Duitse economie in het nauw brengt

Het uitzonderlijk lage waterpeil in de Rijn baart zowel Nederland als Duitsland zorgen, vooral nu het deel van de rivier bij het Duitse plaatsje Kaub, een bekend knelpunt, komende week… [©RTS]

Na jarenlange asbestclaims stopt J&J wereldwijd met verkoop talkpoeder

Farmaceut Johnson & Johnson stopt volgend jaar wereldwijd met de verkoop van babypoeder op basis van talk. Het bedrijf stapt over op poeder gemaakt van maiszetmeel, dat al in verschillende… [©RTS]

Acties bij NS, mogelijk stakingen op komst

De vakbonden gaan actievoeren voor een nieuwe cao bij de NS. Het ov-bedrijf is onvoldoende ingegaan op de eisen van de bonden met het oog op een nieuwe cao. "Gevolg… [©RTS]

Meer mensen verhuisden van Randstad naar rest van Nederland dan andersom

Vorig jaar verhuisden opnieuw meer mensen vanuit de Randstad naar elders in Nederland. Het ging om 75.000 mensen. Andersom verhuisden er 53.000 mensen van de rest van Nederland naar de… [©RTS]

De coalitie praat over koopkracht, aan welke knoppen kan het kabinet draaien?

Een energierekening die ten opzichte van vorig jaar drie keer over de kop gaat en boodschappen in de supermarkt waar je zo'n 20 procent meer voor kwijt bent; de inflatie… [©RTS]

Rabobank: lening voor boer bij kwetsbaar natuurgebied nu 'zeer onwaarschijnlijk'

De Rabobank financiert op dit moment geen investeringen van boeren die dicht bij Natura 2000-gebieden zitten en het geld gebruiken om uit te breiden, waardoor hun bedrijf meer stikstof gaat… [©RTS]

Veevoerproducent ForFarmers: gepolariseerd debat door aanpak stikstofcrisis

Diervoerderbedrijf ForFarmers vindt dat de stikstofcrisis in Nederland leidt tot een gepolariseerd debat en grote onrust onder veehouders. Topman Chris Deen roept daarom op tot een gesprek "waarin alles bespreekbaar… [©RTS]

Ryanair-baas: tijd van spotgoedkoop vliegen is voorbij

Ryanair-baas Michael O'Leary zegt in een interview dat de tijd dat vakantiegangers voor 10 euro kunnen vliegen voorbij is. Aan de BBC laat hij weten dat dat komt door de… [©RTS]

Sarah Palin meeting ‘Zoom-bombed’ with drawing of penis and vagina

Palin is among several candidates competing in Tuesday's ranked choice primary for the at-large House seat representing Alaska. [©RTS]

Instagram users outraged that Tommy Lee nude photo was live for hours

Girls can't post photos with cleavage on Instagram without it being taken down but Tommy Lee can post THAT. nah." [©RTS]

Four quick cybersecurity steps everyone must take right now

As convenient as Google Maps and Apple Maps are, it’s unnerving when your house and address number are visible to anyone on the internet. [©RTS]

Best Buy cuts hundreds of store jobs to shave costs: report

Best Buy had last month forecast a steeper drop in annual sales than previously estimated. [©RTS]

Elon Musk’s SpaceX emerges as partner for European Space Agency

The Ukraine conflict blocked Western access to Russia's Soyuz rockets. [©RTS]

Google execs threaten workers with layoffs: ‘There will be blood on the streets’

Google executives are telling their employees to shape up or ship out, warning that layoffs are coming if results don’t meet expectations. Employees who work in the Google Cloud sales… [©RTS]

San Francisco eyes possible business rebound hosting giant Salesforce conference

Dreamforce could be a signal for hope that San Francisco's viability as a destination for business is poised for a comeback ahead of the September event, sources said. [©RTS]

Twitter rolls out election misinformation rules ahead of US midterms

The San Francisco-based tech giant said that beginning on Thursday it will apply its "civic integrity policy" to the Nov. 8 midterm elections. [©RTS]

NASA provides explanation for stringy material found on Mars surface

The material is also used in thermal blankets, according to an agency blog post. [©RTS]

Robinhood ordered to face ‘meme stock’ manipulation claims

The lawsuit was one of several cases brought against the retail trading platform after it temporarily barred customers from buying certain hot stocks in January 2021, including GameStop and AMC. [©RTS]

Privacywaakhond: overheid mag persoonsgegevens niet zomaar meer delen

De Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (AP) wil dat hergebruik van persoonsgegevens uit overheidsdata in principe wordt verboden. Er ligt een voorstel om de wet die het hergebruik van overheidsinformatie regelt aan te… [©RTS]

Amazon neemt Roomba-maker iRobot over voor 1,7 miljard dollar

Amazon heeft iRobot, het bedrijf dat onder meer de Roomba-stofzuiger maakt, overgenomen voor ongeveer 1,7 miljard dollar, omgerekend zo'n 1,67 miljard euro. Na het nieuws van de overname, stegen de… [©RTS]

Indonesië blokkeert sites van PayPal, Steam, Yahoo en andere bedrijven

Indonesië heeft de toegang tot enkele grote websites geblokkeerd omdat de sites zich niet houden aan de regelgeving in het land. De naar schatting 191 miljoen Indonesische internetgebruikers kunnen daardoor… [©RTS]

Sociaal netwerk zonder filters of likes, waarom is BeReal zo populair?

Het sociale netwerk BeReal timmert aan de weg in Nederland. De app is in de afgelopen vier maanden bijna een miljoen keer gedownload en is vooral onder jongeren populair. Volgens… [©RTS]

Silicon Valley maakt zich na jaren van groei op voor mindere tijden

De techsector zet zich schrap voor economische tegenwind, Stevige groei maakt plaats voor lichte groei, stilstand of zelfs krimp en de vooruitzichten zijn onzeker. Neem de kwartaalcijfers van Meta, het… [©RTS]

Instagram draait TikTok-achtige wijzigingen terug na felle kritiek

Instagram draait een aantal omstreden veranderingen terug waardoor het socialemediaplatform meer op TikTok zou gaan lijken. Dat heeft Instagram-baas Adam Mosseri gezegd in gesprek met technieuwsbrief Platformer. Gebruikers, onder wie… [©RTS]

Als je Instagram opent, moet je denken dat het TikTok is

Verander Instagram niet in TikTok, was de strekking van een bericht op Instagram dat deze week veel rondgaat. De post heeft al 2 miljoen likes en kreeg steun van Kylie… [©RTS]

Hoe Shanali, Sjoerd en Tessa opgelicht werden met neptelefoontjes

De gesprekken komen geraffineerd over, zijn intimiderend en hebben uiteindelijk één doel: slachtoffers zover krijgen om zoveel mogelijk geld over te maken. In minder dan een jaar tijd hebben Engelse… [©RTS]

Zeker 1,7 miljoen euro aan schade door Engelstalige neptelefoontjes

In minder dan een jaar tijd hebben Engelstalige neptelefoontjes geleid tot minimaal 1,7 miljoen euro aan schade. Dat blijkt uit cijfers die de Fraudehelpdesk heeft gedeeld met de NOS. Criminelen… [©RTS]

Reizigers sporen koffers op met tracker: 'Zo veel horrorverhalen gehoord'

Door de chaos op Schiphol lopen reizigers kans om zonder hun ingecheckte koffer aan te komen op plaats van bestemming. Sommigen hebben daarom een gps- of bluetooth-zendertje ingepakt, zodat ze… [©RTS]

AG Merrick Garland’s raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is a farce of law

They are not just playing with politics. They are playing with fire. [©RTS]

Letters to the Editor — Aug. 14, 2022

New York Post readers sound off on bail baloney, NYC’s congestion crisis, Gov. Houchul’s plea to Jews, the mass teacher exodus and anti-Israel UN. [©RTS]

Biden’s created our bad new normal, and he’s loving it

If this is “working,” we’d hate to see “not working.” But we expect no less from the author of our new normal, who’s as divorced from reality on the economy… [©RTS]

The anniversary of our Afghanistan withdrawal will be a moment of lasting shame

Afghans are more oppressed than ever, al Qaeda can again plot and plan from an entire country of "safe space" — and Joe Biden has moved on to lying about… [©RTS]

Why all kids should take the SAT: Student’s defense of standardized testing

It was less than five years ago that I spent a beautiful August afternoon in a poorly ventilated gymnasium full of hundreds of sweaty, nervous teenagers penciling in bubbles for… [©RTS]

Being ‘nice’ on illegal immigration is actually not ‘kind’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s theatrical project to highlight the influx of illegal immigrants into his state—he is putting them on buses bound for New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal along… [©RTS]

Meet Putin’s inner circle of evil, from Nikolai Patrushev to Ramzan Kadyrov

A look at the power players who form the Russian leader's inner circle, including his former hockey bros turned oligarch henchmen. [©RTS]

Like with drug addiction and violent crime, young men fuel traffic deaths

Since the arrival of COVID in March 2020, traffic deaths in New York City have skyrocketed thanks to young male drivers. [©RTS]

Easy abortion access has created a ‘black apocalypse’

But how can abortion access benefit black females when it so starkly impacts black babies – half of them girls? [©RTS]

Garland must reveal more, otherwise this Trump raid looks like a nothingburger

If an FBI action is going to be so inflammatory that the AG can’t maintain a judicious silence about the matter before publicly jousting with the target, it’s a pretty… [©RTS]

NSW Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes says it’s time everyone steps up and “does better at looking after our veterans”, because “they’re the ones looking after us”. This comes after the… [©RTS]

The Centre for Independent Studies’ Salvatore Babones says there’s “a lot of conflict” within China that “gets reflected” out into the rest of the world. Mr Babones said this comes… [©RTS]

Former Labor MP Michael Danby says it’s clear the NSW and Victorian Liberals are trying to adopt a more “progressive environment policy” to insure themselves against a repeat of the… [©RTS]

Former Prime Minister John Howard was not “honest with the public” when campaigning for the Morrison government at the last election, says Sky News host Chris Smith. Mr Howard has… [©RTS]

The Centre for Independent Studies’ Salvatore Babones says Chinese President Xi Jinping is the “loneliest man in the world” because he has “no natural friends”. “Xi Jinping has three jobs:… [©RTS]

Former New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian says she found it “extremely appealing” to work for an organisation “that touches millions of Australians” in her new role as Managing Director,… [©RTS]

Former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian along side Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin discuss life post-politics and the uphill battle against Telstra. PLUS Coronado Global CEO on the future of coal… [©RTS]

CLP Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price says former prime minister Paul Keating “basically held white Australia to account for our nation’s historical wrongs” in his Redfern speech. “And then took away… [©RTS]

Sky News host James Morrow says "poor Rosita the muppet" has been cancelled and removed from all areas of the Sesame Place theme park in the United States. "Somebody took… [©RTS]

CLP Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price says there is “no substance behind” the virtue signalling by Labor prime ministers, as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese proposes an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. “Such… [©RTS]

US faces shortage of ketchup – Bloomberg

Drought and rising fuel and fertilizer prices could lead to a shortage of tomatoes in the US, media reports citing producers Read Full Article at [©RTS]

UFC contender drops devastating nose break kick KO on ex-champion (VIDEO)

Marlon Vera celebrated the biggest win of his career by finishing Dominick Cruz with a viral kick that bent his rival's nose out of shape Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Poll reveals clear leader for next UK PM

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has a comfortable lead over Rishi Sunak to become the UK’s next leader, a poll says Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Jerusalem shooting suspect detained – police

Israeli police arrested a suspect who allegedly wounded eight people near Jerusalem’s Western Wall Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Brussels points to EU hopeful’s ‘setbacks’

Brussels called on Tbilisi to take “a responsible and conscientious approach” in implementing the reforms needed to progress on the EU path Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Amnesty report on Kiev’s violations to be reviewed

International experts will review Amnesty’s report on Ukraine’s violations of humanitarian law to see “what went wrong” Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Kiev comments on car crash with diplomats in Vienna

Ukrainian diplomats were involved in a traffic accident in the Austrian capital Read Full Article at [©RTS]

British energy bills forecast to go through the roof

Energy bills in the UK will cost more than two months’ wages in 2023 unless the government intervenes, the Trades Union Congress warns Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Cartel violence engulfs Mexican border cities

Mexican drug cartels are reportedly targeting civilians and their property amid turf wars and clashes with police Read Full Article at [©RTS]

China drills one of world’s deepest oil deposits – media

China has extracted oil from a depth of 8,000 meters at a newly discovered field with substantial reserves, Xinhua news agency reports Read Full Article at [©RTS]

O ministro-adjunto dos Negócios Estrangeiros norte-coreano aconselhou Guterres "a ter cuidado ao proferir palavras e ações tão perigosas", comparando as observações do português com "gasolina atirada às chamas". [©RTS]

Autoridades dizem que aeroporto de Camberra foi evacuado por "precaução" e que a situação "está sob controlo". [©RTS]

Autoridades israelitas descrevem o ataque como um "ataque terrorista" cometido por palestinianos, enquanto o grupo islâmico Hamas celebra o tiroteio como um "ato heroico de resistência". [©RTS]

O presidente do Chautauqua Institution, o centro cultural no estado de Nova Iorque onde Rushdie foi esfaqueado, adianta que Rushie já conseguiu falar. [©RTS]

O escritor britânico continua hospitalizado com fermentos graves. [©RTS]

"Rezamos pela sua saúde e recuperação", afirma Joe Biden. [©RTS]

"Desejo-lhe uma rápida recuperação", diz Josep Borrell. [©RTS]

O cenário do festival foi derrubado devido às rajadas de vento que se faziam sentir. [©RTS]

Medidas de distanciamento social também foram suspensas em todas as regiões. [©RTS]

Manifestantes carregavam uma faixa onde se podia ler "15 de agosto é um dia negro", em referência à data da captura de Cabul em 2021 pelos taliban. [©RTS]

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Today's Verse - Revelation 3:14, 20

These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God's creation. ... "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come… [©RTS Read]

Psalms 92:4 - Morning Devotional for Aug. 14th

"Thou, Lord, hast made me glad through thy work."—Psalms 92:4Morning ThoughtDo you believe that your sins are forgiven, and that Christ has made a full atonement for them? Then what a joyful Christian you ought to be! How you should live above the common trials and troubles of the world! Since sin is forgiven, can it matter what happens to you now? Luther said, "Smite, Lord, smite, for my sin is forgiven; if thou hast but forgiven me, smite as hard as thou wilt"; and in a similar spirit you may say, "Send sickness, poverty, losses, crosses, persecution, what thou… [©RTS]

'What Can Be Destroyed?' - John 11:47-48

[After people told the Pharisees that Jesus had raised Lazarus,] the leading priests and Pharisees called the high council together. "What are we going to do?" they asked each other. "This man certainly performs many miraculous signs. If we allow him to go on like this, soon everyone will believe in him. Then the Roman army will come and destroy both our Temple and our nation."—John 11:47-48 NLTKey ThoughtWhat do you value most in your life? What do you have the greatest trouble relinquishing to the lordship of Christ? These two questions are crucial because they help define the battleground… [©RTS]


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