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I am the rabbi of Beit Emunah (LLC) -- We are a unique congregation in many ways. For example, we are politically conservative, pro-life, Sephardi-based, Breslov-focused and open-minded concerning Flat Earth and other topics. It is evident that society is being deceived on countless fronts and that many of the so-call Conspiracy Theories" were and are actually Conspiracy Facts. What is Truth? Ain Soph: G-d beyond human reasoning, not religion, political parties, etc. As we say: Adonai Echad. The absolute Oneness of the Eternal One is Truth. Everything is less than true to one degree or another. We love RTS because they are "real truth seekers." We are honored to be among such good folks. We welcome all sincere truth seekers. Everything we offer is free and online via our three websites., Our livestreams are made on Zoom and simulcasted through Youtube with a link here and on our other social media sites. Our websites are,, and Emunah is Hebrew for [motivating] Faith. If you have religious or spiritual questions and/or are looking for a religious home, we may be able to help. I am knowledgeable of all practically the world's religious. I have become convinced that the biblical model is Flat Earth. I still have some questions about the scientific model and continue to study. Paraphrasing the Bard, 'there is more to the heavens and the earth than are dreamed of in our philosophies'. Join us Wednesdays and Thursdays at Noon, and Thursdays at 8 PM, for book discussions and conversation. Join us Fridays at 8 PM and Saturdays at Noon for Shabbat services. All times US Eastern. We also do special broadcasts. Check for these. YOU are welcome! Visit for more information, studies, and links.
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Elon Musk chatted up Kevin McCarthy at Wyoming retreat hours before Liz Cheney’s primary defeat

The event comes as Musk has embraced the Republican Party in recent months and has become more politically vocal over Twitter. [©RTS]

Energy experts push back as White House takes credit for falling gas prices

The White House has been taking credit for falling gas prices -- but experts say the real reason for the drop is that Americans are cutting back on driving and… [©RTS]

Hamptons restaurateurs clash with ‘party police’ over post-COVID crackdowns

"What do you think this is, the Soviet f---- Union?" one restaurateur fumed. [©RTS]

Apple to release new iPhones in less than a month: report

Apple will replace the current “notch” at the top of the screen with a “pill-shaped” hole in the iPhone 14 Pro, according to the report.  [©RTS]

Fed still needs to ‘shock the market,’ original ‘Dr. Doom’ economist says

Henry Kaufman said Fed Chair Jerome Powell is still 'behind the curve' on inflation. [©RTS]

Fed rate hikes coming, but pace could slow, minutes reveal

The minutes did not indicate clear bias among Fed officials for either a smaller rate increase of half a percentage point or a third consecutive 75-basis-point hike at the upcoming… [©RTS]

Florida senator warns job-seekers to avoid IRS: ‘This will be a short-term gig’

Florida Sen. Rick Scott has a message for job-seekers thinking of applying for work at the Internal Revenue Service: Don't bother. [©RTS]

Crypto bandits swipe nearly  $2B as hacks surge 60% in 2022: report

The trend is not likely to reverse any time soon. [©RTS]

Apple suppliers to make Watch, MacBook in Vietnam: report

Progress in moving mass production to the country has been slow partly due to pandemic-related disruptions. [©RTS]

Twitter workers quitting at ‘absurdly high’ pace amid Elon Musk saga

One current Twitter employee reportedly said that workers have lost respect for top executives. [©RTS]

Kabinet wil bij stikstofprobleem kijken naar innovaties, mits juridisch houdbaar

Minister Van der Wal wil kijken of er meer kan worden gedaan aan innovatie om de stikstofproblemen op te lossen. Van der Wal en andere leden van het kabinet spraken… [©RTS]

Airbnb zet software in tegen huurders met feestplannen in VS en Canada

Verhuurplatform Airbnb zet in de VS en Canada software in waarmee huurders geweerd kunnen worden van wie het vermoeden bestaat dat ze de gehuurde locatie willen gebruiken als 'feesthuis'. Sinds… [©RTS]

DNB waarschuwt kabinet: wees terughoudend met koopkrachtreparaties

Het kabinet staat onder grote druk om iets te doen aan de torenhoge inflatie en de hoge energierekeningen en zint op maatregelen om de stijgende prijzen te compenseren en de… [©RTS]

NS-personeel staakt vanaf komende woensdag in verschillende regio's

NS-personeel gaat vanaf volgende week woensdag staken, melden vakbonden FNV, CNV en VVMC. In eerste instantie gaat het om vijf dagen, waarbij elke dag in een andere regio het werk… [©RTS]

Werkdruk loopt op door personeelsgebrek, aantal vacatures op recordhoogte

Werknemers voelen meer werkdruk en ondernemers zien hun kosten stijgen. De oorzaak is de toenemende spanning op de arbeidsmarkt. Het aantal openstaande vacatures stijgt, terwijl het aantal werkzoekenden daalt, meldt… [©RTS]

Economie groeit sterk ondanks inflatie en energiecrisis

De Nederlandse economie is in het tweede kwartaal verrassend sterk gegroeid. Het bruto binnenlands product (bbp) steeg met 2,6 procent ten opzichte van het eerste kwartaal, in weerwil van de… [©RTS]

Woningcorporaties willen dat kabinet eenmalige huurverlaging minima vervroegt

Woningcorporaties pleiten ervoor dat het kabinet de eenmalige huurverlaging voor minima volgend jaar al invoert in plaats van in 2024. Volgens de branchevereniging voor woningcorporaties Aedes is dat nodig omdat… [©RTS]

Winkeliersorganisatie Inretail: allemaal de deur dicht om energie te besparen

Inretail, de brancheorganisatie van winkeliers, roept alle winkels op om hun deuren dicht te doen om energie te besparen. Met open deuren verbruiken winkels met airco in de zomer meer… [©RTS]

Gasopslag in Norg stokt, gashandelaar Gasterra wil financiële garanties

Het vullen van de ondergrondse gasopslag bij het Drentse Norg ligt stil. De hoge gasprijzen leiden tot te grote financiële risico's om nog meer gas op te slaan, zegt gashandelsbedrijf… [©RTS]

Kabinet wil dat werkgevers lonen verhogen om koopkracht

Het kabinet zegt mee te voelen met de zorgen van veel Nederlanders die door de inflatie en hoge energieprijzen de eindjes niet aan elkaar kunnen knopen, maar kijkt vooral naar… [©RTS]

NASA’s Nicole Aunapu Mann set to become first Indigenous woman in space

Come this fall, NASA astronaut Nicole Aunapu Mann will be the first Native American woman in space. [©RTS]

Website helps families find their perfect pet just like a dating app

The website is called "PawsLikeMe" and it’s a unique pet-matching service that connects aspiring pet owners to cat and dog profiles. [©RTS]

NASA’s huge moon rocket heads to launch pad for first test flight

NASA is aiming for an Aug. 29 liftoff for the lunar test flight. [©RTS]

Apple to release new iPhones in less than a month: report

Apple will replace the current “notch” at the top of the screen with a “pill-shaped” hole in the iPhone 14 Pro, according to the report.  [©RTS]

Crypto bandits swipe nearly  $2B as hacks surge 60% in 2022: report

The trend is not likely to reverse any time soon. [©RTS]

Elon Musk unveils Tesla robot, says it will perform ‘boring’ chores by year’s end

Standing at around 5 feet 8 inches, Musk’s Tesla Bot aims to gradually remove “boring” responsibilities from the hands of mere mortals who are gutsy enough to welcome a robot into… [©RTS]

Apple suppliers to make Watch, MacBook in Vietnam: report

Progress in moving mass production to the country has been slow partly due to pandemic-related disruptions. [©RTS]

TikTok to clamp down on paid political posts before midterms

Critics and lawmakers accuse TikTok and rival social media companies including Meta Platforms and Twitter of doing too little to stop political misinformation. [©RTS]

Twitter workers quitting at ‘absurdly high’ pace amid Elon Musk saga

One current Twitter employee reportedly said that workers have lost respect for top executives. [©RTS]

Amazon workers at Albany warehouse seek to unionize

The warehouse near Albany is one of several Amazon warehouses where workers have filed a petition to unionize within the past year. [©RTS]

Airbnb zet software in tegen huurders met feestplannen in VS en Canada

Verhuurplatform Airbnb zet in de VS en Canada software in waarmee huurders geweerd kunnen worden van wie het vermoeden bestaat dat ze de gehuurde locatie willen gebruiken als 'feesthuis'. Sinds… [©RTS]

Privacywaakhond: overheid mag persoonsgegevens niet zomaar meer delen

De Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (AP) wil dat hergebruik van persoonsgegevens uit overheidsdata in principe wordt verboden. Er ligt een voorstel om de wet die het hergebruik van overheidsinformatie regelt aan te… [©RTS]

Amazon neemt Roomba-maker iRobot over voor 1,7 miljard dollar

Amazon heeft iRobot, het bedrijf dat onder meer de Roomba-stofzuiger maakt, overgenomen voor ongeveer 1,7 miljard dollar, omgerekend zo'n 1,67 miljard euro. Na het nieuws van de overname, stegen de… [©RTS]

Indonesië blokkeert sites van PayPal, Steam, Yahoo en andere bedrijven

Indonesië heeft de toegang tot enkele grote websites geblokkeerd omdat de sites zich niet houden aan de regelgeving in het land. De naar schatting 191 miljoen Indonesische internetgebruikers kunnen daardoor… [©RTS]

Sociaal netwerk zonder filters of likes, waarom is BeReal zo populair?

Het sociale netwerk BeReal timmert aan de weg in Nederland. De app is in de afgelopen vier maanden bijna een miljoen keer gedownload en is vooral onder jongeren populair. Volgens… [©RTS]

Silicon Valley maakt zich na jaren van groei op voor mindere tijden

De techsector zet zich schrap voor economische tegenwind, Stevige groei maakt plaats voor lichte groei, stilstand of zelfs krimp en de vooruitzichten zijn onzeker. Neem de kwartaalcijfers van Meta, het… [©RTS]

Instagram draait TikTok-achtige wijzigingen terug na felle kritiek

Instagram draait een aantal omstreden veranderingen terug waardoor het socialemediaplatform meer op TikTok zou gaan lijken. Dat heeft Instagram-baas Adam Mosseri gezegd in gesprek met technieuwsbrief Platformer. Gebruikers, onder wie… [©RTS]

Als je Instagram opent, moet je denken dat het TikTok is

Verander Instagram niet in TikTok, was de strekking van een bericht op Instagram dat deze week veel rondgaat. De post heeft al 2 miljoen likes en kreeg steun van Kylie… [©RTS]

Hoe Shanali, Sjoerd en Tessa opgelicht werden met neptelefoontjes

De gesprekken komen geraffineerd over, zijn intimiderend en hebben uiteindelijk één doel: slachtoffers zover krijgen om zoveel mogelijk geld over te maken. In minder dan een jaar tijd hebben Engelse… [©RTS]

Zeker 1,7 miljoen euro aan schade door Engelstalige neptelefoontjes

In minder dan een jaar tijd hebben Engelstalige neptelefoontjes geleid tot minimaal 1,7 miljoen euro aan schade. Dat blijkt uit cijfers die de Fraudehelpdesk heeft gedeeld met de NOS. Criminelen… [©RTS]

Kathy Hochul’s abuse of power is a NY state ‘emergency’

Ho hum. Another month, another “emergency” in Kathy Hochul’s New York. [©RTS]

Liberals’ FBI trust is a real gut buster

While just 30% of Republicans and 45% of independents feel positive about the FBI, 75% of Democrats and 81% of liberals are big fans.  [©RTS]

Why Salman Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses’ shouldn’t be so controversial

We live in a time of great dogma and division, in which debate has been replaced by narcissistic assertion and intolerance. There is no healing or coming together in sight.… [©RTS]

Pundits cheer ‘Aviator Joe’ Biden while ignoring the real issues of his presidency

Maybe there’s a reason the nation’s fashion trends should never originate in Washington. [©RTS]

Nicaragua exceeds Cuban brutality— and even former fellow travelers are sounding the alarm

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's regime has grown so brutal that even former Cuban supporters are shocked. [©RTS]

Fresh proof Hochul & Co. are failing to control the violently mentally ill

Expect such horrors to continue until NY's leaders get serious about keeping dangerous individuals — the mentally ill and criminals — from public spaces. [©RTS]

Letters to the Editor — Aug. 18, 2022

The Issue: Rep. Liz Cheney’s loss to her opponent Harriet Hageman in the Wyoming primaries. Famous Massachusetts politician Rep. Tip O’Neill routinely remarked that “all politics is local” (“Liz gets… [©RTS]

Gov. Hochul, end your pointless, pay-to-play COVID ‘emergency’ order

There’s no possible remaining public-health justification for Hochul's "emergency": She either doesn't want to let go of her (profitable) power, or she's afraid to admit the obvious. [©RTS]

The utter idiocy of ‘Liz Cheney for president’

In the wake of her long-foreordained defeat in Wyoming’s GOP primary Tuesday, the usual media suspects are jumping on an absurd "Liz Cheney for president" bandwagon. [©RTS]

Heed Europe’s energy nightmare, Biden’s contractor crackdown and other commentary

To preview the Green New Deal’s impact, look at Europe: Its “energy experiment” could bring “several hundred thousand deaths” this winter, warns Kristin Tate at The Hill. [©RTS]

Victoria heads to the polls in 100 days and pretty much everyone, even if they won’t admit, knows what the result will be. [©RTS]

Sky News Business Editor Ross Greenwood says the unemployment rate in Australia has dropped to 3.4 per cent. “It is actually lower than anticipated, the unemployment rate has come in… [©RTS]

Donald Trump registered one dubious political victory this week. [©RTS]

Sky News contributor Joe Hildebrand says former prime minister Scott Morrison is “not fit to sit in Parliament”. Mr Hildebrand said if Mr Morrison resigns tomorrow “the issue is over”.… [©RTS]

Sky News host Paul Murray says the lack of media coverage about rising inflation shows the “most powerful people amongst us” couldn’t care less about the “most vulnerable amongst us”.… [©RTS]

The Daily Telegraph’s Tim Blair says “rock hard Republican” Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney has been defeated in the state’s primary race. “Two years ago, she won a primary in Wyoming… [©RTS]

Sky News host Rowan Dean says clinical psychologist and “one of the great modern philosophers” Dr Jordan Peterson has made a stand on climate change recently. “He’s now telling the… [©RTS]

Sky News host Rowan Dean says one of English novelist Thomas Hardy’s most popular novels, “Far from the Madding Crowd”, now “comes with a trigger warning”. “Because “Far from the… [©RTS]

The Megyn Kelly Show host Megyn Kelly says the FBI raided former US president Donald Trump’s home as if they were “on a fishing expedition”. “If you take a look… [©RTS]

The Megyn Kelly Show host Megyn Kelly says there are two main reasons why former US president Donald Trump has not given an interview since the FBI raid on his… [©RTS]

Taiwan independence means war, Chinese envoy warns

China’s ambassador to the UK has warned that British and American interference in the Taiwan issue could result in a hot conflict Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Russia names main victim of US energy ‘victory’

By blocking the Nord Stream 2 pipeline the US defeated Europe, more so than Russia, Moscow’s envoy to Washington Anatoly Antonov said Read Full Article at [©RTS]

CDC admits to botched Covid-19 response

US CDC admits failures on Covid-19, plans reorganization to improve its response to pandemics and other public health emergencies Read Full Article at [©RTS]

NATO laments Afghanistan ‘tragedy’

Conditions in Afghanistan one year after the US withdrawal are a "tragedy" for NATO allies and partners, the bloc’s secretary-general says Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Moscow’s envoy picks over ‘crumbs’ of Russia-US relations

The US establishment has wrecked almost all diplomacy with Russia, Moscow’s envoy in Washington Anatoly Antonov said in an interview Read Full Article at [©RTS]

WHO issues monkeypox warning to pet owners

The WHO has warned monkeypox patients to stay away from animals after a dog was infected by its owners Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Russian billionaire sues Navalny

Russian opposition blogger Aleksey Navalny called on the West to sanction tycoon Oleg Deripaska, who has sued him for defamation Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Mali seeks UN help to stop France abetting ‘terrorists’

Mali has pleaded with the UN Security Council to help end what it claims is French support for local jihadist groups Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Kids-for-cash judges hit with $206 million penalty

Two former US judges who took bribes to send children to for-profit jails have been ordered to pay $206 million in civil damages Read Full Article at [©RTS]

German security official warns about ‘enemies of the state’

A regional interior minister in Germany has warned the energy crisis and rising prices could play into the hands of “enemies of the state” Read Full Article at [©RTS]

"O Exército russo deve retirar-se do território da central nuclear e de todas as áreas vizinhas", pede. [©RTS]

O novo presidente do Tribunal Superior Eleitoral prometeu defender a democracia brasileira e ainda sublinhou o apoio ao voto eletrónico. [©RTS]

A OMS já registou 18 mil casos em 78 países, sendo que 98% resultaram de contactos sexuais entre homens. [©RTS]

Teresa Ribera, a vice-presidente e ministra da Transição Ecológica espanhola, atribuiu a diminuição da procura de eletricidade na semana de 8 a 14 de agosto "à maior sensibilidade das famílias… [©RTS]

Esta é apenas uma das consequências da onda de calor que atinge a China. [©RTS]

Num encontro em Ancara, o primeiro-ministro israelita, Yair Lapid, confirmou o regresso das relações diplomáticas e autorizaram o regresso dos respetivos embaixadores a ambos os países. [©RTS]

Shanawaaz Asghar foi raptado à frente da sua casa, na cidade de Kensington, um subúrbio da Cidade do Cabo. [©RTS]

José Eduardo dos Santos morreu no dia 8 de julho, com 79 anos. [©RTS]

Decisão é anunciada por Boris Johnson mesmo antes de estar concluído um inquérito ao caso. [©RTS]

Escassez de energia no país surge num período em que a economia chinesa sofre um abrandamento acentuado. [©RTS]

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Today's Verse - 2 Corinthians 10:17-18

"Let him who boasts boast in the Lord." For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends.—2 Corinthians 10:17-18Thoughts on Today's Verse...We live in a world with skewed values, false… [©RTS Read]

John 11:4 - Evening Devotional for Aug. 17th

"This sickness is not unto death."—John 11:4Evening ThoughtFrom our Lord's words we learn that there is a limit to sickness. Here is an "unto" within which its ultimate end is restrained, and beyond which it cannot go. Lazarus might pass through death, but death was not to be the ultimatum of his sickness. In all sickness, the Lord saith to the waves of pain, "Hitherto shall ye go, but no further." His fixed purpose is not the destruction, but the instruction of his people. Wisdom hangs up the thermometer at the furnace mouth, and regulates the heat. 1. The limit… [©RTS]

'Disciple Time' - John 11:54

[Since the Jewish leaders were plotting his death,] Jesus stopped his public ministry among the people and left Jerusalem. He went to a place near the wilderness, to the village of Ephraim, and stayed there with his disciples.—John 11:54 NLTKey ThoughtIn all four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), we learn that the last part of Jesus' ministry is specifically focused on teaching and preparing his disciples for his return to the Father. Many in the crowd turn away, and the determination of his opponents to kill him is growing. Jesus recognizes that he has a short time to complete the… [©RTS]


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