September-24-2022 Friedrich Merz — Total Systemic Collapse to Begin on 09-24-2022 ?? | Dollar Vigilante

©Dollar Vigilante for Sunday September 18, 2022

It’s 2030. You call me for a ride to go see the ghost mansions of Martha’s Vineyard. I pick you up in my illegal gas-powered car and we make a bonfire on the beach with WEF-prescribed books on understanding inflation. Then we have a good laugh about how our social credit scores can’t possibly get any lower.

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Intro Video: The Martha’s Vineyard Invasion Song by Chad Prather:

Migrants Get off bus in front of Kamala’s House:

Lunch on the Vineyard:

VIDEO Charlie’s in fucking charge now:

German politician says on Sept 24 is going to be a major event that everyone on Earth will remember… that is Saturday. Monday is the 26th and end of Shemitah year and that is when markets would open, if they can

America’s First Electric Fire Truck Now Operational In Hollywood – it has a diesel engine acting as a generator to help charge the 132-kwh battery pack:

CDC Warns Rare Condition In Kids Could Be On The Rise This Fall:

Health Canada approves Pfizer’s experimental COVID vaccine for six-month-old babies – LifeSite:


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