Did These Eerie Videos Catch A Glimpse Of Another Reality ?

Did These Eerie Videos Catch A Glimpse Of Another Reality ?

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Have you ever heard of the eerie case of Stella Lansing ? Well if you haven’t this is one of the most mysterious , unexplained cases and scary stories ever caught on camera. Unexplained mysteries : Imagine one day waking up to find out everything you capture on camera has a glimpse of another dimension , maybe a parallel dimension or something like a glitch in the “matrix”. It happened in the 60s with Stella Lansing, and it’s a mix between the paranormal, the supernatural , superpowers and aerial phenomena. To this day no one knows exactly what Stella went through, however experts have analyzed her pictures and videos and have come to the conclusion that it really did happen. Stella’s creepy stories are just the beginning of something far more sinister. Are you ready to dive into her scary and strange case ? I’m James LaFleur and I’m the narrator for That Is Impossible Channel, I analyze the most mind blowing and strange videos found on the internet. I upload 2 or sometimes 3 times a week so be ready for more of the creepy and unknown.

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Credits : Repulsive https://www.youtube.com/c/REPULSIVEMUSIC

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