The Next Level (2022) Trailer #1 [HD]

This spring…take a step back from the fairy tales,
and a step forward into…The Next Level!

Featuring O.D.D TV –

David Weiss –

Santos Bonacci –

Tanner Stewart –

Martin Liedtke –

Jtolan Meida1 –

Victoria Rachael and Sean Hibbeler –

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*** 1/4/22 – Unfortunately, my original plan was to have Jon Levi in this film however as we know he is a very busy guy. Jon has JUST emailed me to inform that, he will not be available to be in this film. Hopefully, we can see him a part of the third Level

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My story...I was born and raised in the south burbs of Chicago, IL. Since 14 years old, I was producing underground music for local artists and editing videos in Chicago, as well as building my portfolio with sports companies to produce highlight reels and hype videos, when suddenly, my mother passed away in 2014 from cancer. I quickly became obsessed with researching (why this cancer took my mother away) and quickly stumbled upon the truth regarding meat & dairy. After confirming with multiple doctors that meat and dairy products were the leading cause of death in the world, I became a vegan overnight. Continuing my awakening journey, I stumbled upon a new video called "200 proofs the Earth is not a spinning ball" by Eric Dubay. Shocked at the information I was hearing, I decided to start researching once again, but this time, it was regarding the claims made in this video. After many sleepless nights trying to actually find any real photographs/videos of the Earth from upper space or any real photographs/videos of satellites orbiting in upper space, the verdict was shockingly clear. Every space agency is fraud. Our school books are fraud. The story of "thousands of years ago, these people knew the earth was a globe" is simply, fraud. This is a new deception (less than 400 years old, possibly less than 100 years old) , but one of, if not the greatest deception of them all. So, instead of accepting an offer to work with a Sports company, to create highlight reels/hype videos for pro sports teams, I decided to dedicate my time on producing short films and documentaries, based off of, transparency and truth. This is now my full-time focus.

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Uncensored_Truth avatar
3 months ago

Thanks for what your doing my brother , respect ,to all the good people you help in your path my brother , it’s a honor to have people like you in our world , and is working together with the same MINDSET people, that we will grow our truth comunity to all other LEVEL !!!


Keep the good work and I look forward to see you guys here on RTS and Next Level will be amazing ! Thanks one more time for all the good work you are doing in our comunity , and I hope the best for you and your family always and always ! God bless you my brother!

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