The FBI, the FED, and 87,000 Armed & Dangerous IRS Extortionists | Dollar Vigilante

The Dollar Vigilante for Saturday August 13, 2022

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Intro vid: Bryson Gray x @Tyson James – FBI RAID [MUSIC VIDEO]

Biden shakes hands with Schumer then forgets that he just shook hands with Schumer seconds later

Pelosi on China being the freest country while Xi sniffs her

Ron Paul’s thoughts on the FBI in 1988:

Communist media working in lockstep with the democrat bolsheviks: “There has been a strong reaction to the raid on extremist and q-anon related forums, including those that were active prior to January 6th.”

WEF wants to use AI to automate censorship of “disinformation”:

Trudeau is implementing a federal “Digital Identity Program”:


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