The Sun Is Caught Shining Through the Firmament and Circling Above Earth

©Founded Earth Brothers for Tuesday December 11, 2018

I wanted to compile and share some unique footage that helps answer many questions about the sun and how it moves above our stationary earth. The heliocentric model and flat earth model both have some holes, but through teamwork and the sharing of knowledge, we are finding answers.

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I don’t currently have a designated area to do live streams or edit videos, so I have decided to build an office in the basement of my new house. The house itself is still under construction and all expenses for the office will be out of pocket as they aren’t part of the construction loan. Any donations would be put to good use and help us out a lot! Thanks so much for all of your support!

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Audio in video is from the Youtube Audio Library: The first was called “Slow Times Over Here” and the last was called “New Land”

Videos used in presentation
Sunset experiments by Research Royal Life Channel
Moscow to JFK Flight
Arctic Midnight Sun
GEO BUSTER Channel Sunset footage
Sun circling Fairbanks, Alaska
North Celestial Pole Star Rotation
Sun moving closer
Missing Parallax by Patrick Shank
Double Rainbow Sun Dog
Rare Sun Dog
Epic Sun Dog

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It's been proven again and again — and yet again, "mainstream" science is nothing more than pseudoscience. Everything about Earth, space and history coming from the mainstream-pseudoscience the last 200 years is a LIE. If you really want to know about Real History and Real Science you need to start reading the BIBLE First. King Solomon once said, "The Fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction." Proverbs 1:7 | Read ancient books where science and all explanations made sense. Everything you hear from today's pseudo-scientists come from their imaginations, it's all made up. | Since its inception almost 70 years ago, NASA has spent 5.5 Trillion Dollars in fake pictures and videos. The United States has a National Debt of 30 Trillion Dollars. So where all that NASA money go? A group of people Unknown to us is living large. | If people try to confront you about what they believe is real about Earth, space or history; the first thing you must do is to ask them to produce the studies, research, findings "on paper" to show you how is it that they came up with what they say is real. They can't, it doesn't exist. It's all made up. Just a bunch of conspiracies, imaginations and ideas printed on paper that "They" passed for reality.

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