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Franklin Templeton ‘putting everything under one roof’ at new Madison Ave tower

When Franklin Templeton inked a nearly 350,000 square-foot lease at SL Green’s One Madison Avenue last week, it wasn’t to reduce the amount of space it has at seven other… [©RTS]

TSX complex readies for its spotlight along Great White Way

The ultra-bright Times Square corner of Broadway and West 47th Street will soon be even brighter. [©RTS]

NY one of US’s major wine producers — but good luck finding home-grown brands in Big Apple

New York state is the fourth largest wine producer in the US after California, Oregon and Washington, but city vinophiles are hard-pressed to find a homegrown brand on liquor stores shelves. [©RTS]

NYC’s Four Seasons hotel in standoff with Beanie Babies mogul — and could stay shut for years

"He’s not a distressed owner and Four Seasons has a management agreement and they are at war," a source said. "How can people have such an incredible asset and have… [©RTS]

Behind the Letitia James hit attack against Donald Trump

This lawsuit is an election stunt to motivate base voters. Charles Gasparino's bet: James also knows her “sweeping” case will likely flame out but only after she’s re-elected as AG… [©RTS]

United to halt JFK service as airline battles FAA to add more flights

United Airlines said on Friday it will suspend service in late October to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. Earlier this month, United had threatened to take the action if… [©RTS]

Ari Emanuel tried to broker Elon Musk-Twitter settlement: report

"I'd have to presume Ari is not going rogue here," a source told The Post. [©RTS]

$141M Bel Air mega mansion’s electric bill reaches $50K a month: report

The mega mansion at 944 Airole Way in Bel Air includes a pantry, a bowling alley, a movie theater, a candy room and a 4,000-square-foot guesthouse. [©RTS]

Nike to offer big discounts amid a glut of inventory

“We effectively have a few seasons landing in the marketplace at the same time.” [©RTS]

‘Worse than 2008’: ‘Big Short’ investor Michael Burry says current economic downturn could top Great Recession

'The Big Short' investor said central banks "seem reactionary and in [cover your a--] mode.” [©RTS]

Schaatsseizoen begint voor ijsbanen met grote onzekerheid over energiekosten

Het schaatsseizoen begint dit weekend vol kopzorgen voor de ijsbaanbranche. Hoelang kunnen de tientallen ijsbanen openblijven nu ook bij hen de energierekening de pan uit rijst? De sector zegt dat… [©RTS]

Ondernemers moeten belasting uit coronatijd voldoen en dat kan lang niet iedereen

In een tijd van oplopende energierekeningen, inflatie en grote economische onzekerheid komt een extra kostenpost slecht uit. Toch is dat wat ondernemers met een belastingschuld uit coronatijd te wachten staat.… [©RTS]

Knot: 'ECB blijft de rente komende tijd verhogen vanwege inflatie'

Het nieuwe inflatiecijfer van het Centraal Bureau van Statistiek (CBS) verraste vanochtend zelfs de rekenmeesters van het CBS zelf. "Ik weet even niet wat ik zeggen moet", twitterde hoofdeconoom Peter… [©RTS]

EU akkoord over inkomstenplafond groene energie, niet over prijsplafond op gas

De energieministers in de EU hebben een akkoord bereikt over een inkomstenplafond voor producenten van duurzame elektriciteit en kernenergie. Over een prijsplafond op gas zijn ze het nog altijd niet… [©RTS]

Ook Greenchoice stelt tariefsverhoging uit

Nadat gisteren Essent, Eneco en Vattenfall al overstag gingen, volgt vandaag Greenchoice. Ook deze energieleverancier hield zich volgens toezichthouder Autoriteit Consument en Markt (ACM) niet aan de wettelijke regel om… [©RTS]

Opnieuw recordinflatie door hoge energieprijzen, maar discussie over meetmethode

De inflatie in Nederland heeft opnieuw een recordhoogte bereikt, meldde het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) vanochtend. Sinds de Tweede Wereldoorlog was de inflatie niet eerder zo hoog als… [©RTS]

Inflatie stijgt naar recordhoogte van 17,1 procent

De inflatie in Nederland is in september gestegen naar 17,1 procent. Dat meldt het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) op basis van de Europees geharmoniseerde consumentenprijsindex (HICP). Volgens het… [©RTS]

In half jaar tijd bijna half miljard online vergokt, vooral jongvolwassenen actief

Nederlanders gokken online meer dan voor de openstelling van de markt was verwacht. Vooral jongvolwassenen zijn relatief veel actief op goksites. Dat blijkt uit cijfers die toezichthouder de Kansspelautoriteit verzamelde,… [©RTS]

Google trekt stekker uit game-streamingdienst Stadia, kopers krijgen geld terug

Google stopt met Stadia, zijn streamingdienst voor games. De in 2019 begonnen dienst trekt minder spelers dan gehoopt, dus heeft Google "het moeilijke besluit" genomen om er de stekker uit… [©RTS]

'Prijsplafond energie helpt miljoenen huishoudens onvoldoende'

Het prijsplafond voor de energierekening, waar het kabinet aan werkt, voorkomt niet dat grote delen van de laagste inkomensgroepen te maken krijgen met energiearmoede. Dat blijkt uit een doorrekening van… [©RTS]

Tab overload? How to control what happens when you start your browser

When it comes to your browser, it goes beyond just which one you use. Some people fire up their computers and want the browser tabs to reopen precisely where they… [©RTS]

Elon Musk’s new ‘Optimus’ robot fails to dazzle during reveal

Elon Musk's much-touted droid "Optimus" is a dud --- at least compared to the state-of-the-art robots from Boston Dynamics. [©RTS]

San Francisco State’s ‘FogCam’ is a part of tech history

It's been on the watch since before the internet was a thing. [©RTS]

Rumors fly over Mark Zuckerberg ‘renting out UFC ring to fight MMA match’

Facebook founder and jiu-jitsu enthusiast Mark Zuckerberg is said to have rented out the Apex facility in Las Vegas for an MMA fight on Saturday. [©RTS]

Wall Street sours on Facebook: ‘I’m not sure there’s a core business that works anymore’

Facebook has nearly 3 billion active users, compared with about 1 billion for the surging TikTok. [©RTS]

Ex-eBay exec James Baugh gets nearly five years in prison over bizarre stalking scheme

The Boston-based couple reported being stalked by eBay executives, who parked a black van outside their house, attempted to break into their garage, and sent threatening deliveries to their homes. [©RTS]

Elon Musk texts reveal Jack Dorsey’s long push to get mogul on Twitter board

Newly released texts between Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey show how the Twitter founder had pushed since at least last year for the mogul to join the site’s board.  [©RTS]

House overrides Big Tech to pass anti-monopoly legislation

The House passed bipartisan antitrust legislation on Thursday to give state and federal regulators more power to tackle monopoly cases, despite opposition from Big Tech firms like Google and Amazon.  [©RTS]

‘Anti-American’: Microsoft faces US scrutiny as it nears 10,000 employees in China

Microsoft also said it will upgrade and expand its offices in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou over the next three to five years. [©RTS]

Most people can’t get through the day without the internet: poll

Technology is a very large parts of people's lives in the modern age. [©RTS]

Wetsvoorstel inlichtingendiensten; weer is de vraag 'hoe ver mogen ze gaan?'

"Alsof je op elke tafel in een café een microfoon wil zetten die altijd aanstaat", zegt oud-toezichthouder op de inlichtingendiensten Bert Hubert. "En erbij zegt: we luisteren heus niet mee,… [©RTS]

Gameplatform voor kinderen verwijdert spellen die strijd Oekraïne nabootsen

Het grootste gameplatform voor kinderen, Roblox, heeft twee games verwijderd die zich afspelen tegen de achtergrond van de oorlog in Oekraïne. Spelers kunnen in de huid kruipen van Russische of… [©RTS]

Google trekt stekker uit game-streamingdienst Stadia, kopers krijgen geld terug

Google stopt met Stadia, zijn streamingdienst voor games. De in 2019 begonnen dienst trekt minder spelers dan gehoopt, dus heeft Google "het moeilijke besluit" genomen om er de stekker uit… [©RTS]

Apple verwijdert Russische sociale netwerk VKontakte uit App Store

Apple heeft het grootste Russische sociale netwerk, VKontakte, uit de App Store gehaald. Dat meldt VK, het moederbedrijf van het sociale netwerk. De app blijft wel werken op telefoons waarop… [©RTS]

Meta verwijdert Russische desinformatie over Oekraïne, gericht op Europa

Meta, het moederbedrijf van Facebook en Instagram, heeft naar eigen zeggen de "grootste en meest complexe campagne sinds het begin van de oorlog in Oekraïne" opgerold die uit Rusland afkomstig… [©RTS]

Hacker: kentekenparkeren Q-Park is risico voor stalking

De mogelijkheid van Q-Park om contactloos op kenteken te kunnen parkeren, kan worden gebruikt om mensen te stalken. Dat ontdekte een Belgische hacker, die hetzelfde probleem ook bij andere parkeerbedrijven… [©RTS]

'17-jarige betrokken bij lekken van beelden game Grand Theft Auto VI'

Een 17-jarige jongen is mogelijk betrokken bij de recente hack van gamebedrijf Rockstar Games, waarbij beelden werden gelekt van de langverwachte nieuwe game Grand Theft Auto VI. De politie van… [©RTS]

Instagram werkt aan filter tegen ongewenste berichten en naaktfoto's

Instagram-moederbedrijf Meta ontwikkelt een nieuwe functionaliteit die gebruikers moet beschermen tegen ongewenste en ongepaste berichten. Het filter moet voorkomen dat gebruikers bijvoorbeeld privéberichten met ongewenste naaktfoto's ontvangen, zegt het bedrijf… [©RTS]

Twitch legt gok-streams aan banden na fel protest bekende streamers

Streamingplatform Twitch verbiedt vanaf 18 oktober een groot deel van de gokstreams die er nu nog te volgen zijn. Streams van online gokautomaten, dobbelspellen en potjes roulette op websites die… [©RTS]

Beelden langverwachte videogame GTA VI gelekt, makers erg teleurgesteld

Een hacker heeft beelden online gezet van de langverwachte nieuwe videogame GTA VI. Ze kwamen terecht op een online forum voor fans. Ontwikkelaar Rockstar Games bevestigt dat "een derde partij"… [©RTS]

How $600 billion was stolen from the American people

"COVID fraud" is at this point a redundant sentence. Congress appropriated more than $5 trillion for COVID relief but almost $600 billion may have been lost to fraud. [©RTS]

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris flopping worldwide

With apologies to an old television comedy, the week that was in America was no laughing matter. [©RTS]

Letters to the Editor — Oct. 2, 2022

New York Post readers on why Lee Zeldin is the gov for parents; Raise the Age folly; Eric Adams’ speedy detail and his Puerto Rico trip; and the bias of… [©RTS]

The Post endorses Mike Lawler in NY-17 House race

Lawler is a no-nonsense Republican with a vision to get the things that matter to New Yorkers done.  [©RTS]

The rise of ‘super perps’ exposes Gov. Hochul’s lies about fixing the no-bail law

Tuesday's arrest of Sean "Big Coop" Cooper again puts the lie to the claims of Gov. Kathy Hochul & Co. that New York's criminal-justice reforms don't need any more fixing. [©RTS]

Heiress Abigail Disney’s bow to cancel culture is especially spineless

Wealthy Abigail Disney produced the new documentary, “Jihad Rehab,” directed by Meg Smaker, which has been canceled for being anti-Arab, anti-Muslim propaganda. Rather than stick to her principles, Disney has… [©RTS]

MTA’s new taxicab charge plan puts a tax on women’s safety

Tone-deaf MTA officials are proposing exorbitant congestion fees on Ubers, Lyfts and yellow taxis, which will make cabs even less affordable — and force many of us to face the… [©RTS]

Biden’s ‘woke’ green energy is a joke that makes us dependent on China

By repressing oil and natural gas production, Democrats are making these resources scarce and expensive. That’s how they want it. They think high gasoline prices will force people to buy… [©RTS]

Why American boys are failing at school—and men are losing in life

When almost one in four boys (23%) are categorized as having a “developmental disability,” it is fair to wonder if it is the boys — or the system — that is… [©RTS]

It’s time for Mayor Adams to get on board with border security

The one group benefitting under Biden’s policies are the cartels that are raking in from drug and human trafficking schemes. Isn’t it about time that Biden and Adams put the… [©RTS]

Royal biographer Angela Levin says the relationship between Queen Consort Camilla and Princess Catherine is “very good”. “She (Princess Catherine) often goes out with Camilla and King Charles to see… [©RTS]

Commentator Caroline Di Russo says Optus’ crisis management following the data hack has been “absolutely terrible”. “That ad in the newspaper was absolutely terrible – ‘we’re really sorry, we want… [©RTS]

King Charles III has been “firmly reminded” to “zip his lip” and abandon his plans to attend the Cop27 climate change summit, says Former ITN royal editor Tim Ewart. “Charles… [©RTS]

US Vice President Kamala Harris says relief to Hurricane Ian victims should be delivered “based off equity”, understanding that “not everyone starts out at the same place”. “It is our… [©RTS]

The Democrat Party’s “advantage” is that media in the United States “largely ignores” gaffes made by US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, says The Australian’s Adam Creighton.… [©RTS]

Former ITN royal editor Tim Ewart says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t want to become “any more unpopular” with the Royal Family and the British public “than they already… [©RTS]

Sky News host Paul Murray says UK Prime Minister Liz Truss is in a “world of trouble” with “horrible” opinion polls. “Put simply she’s either going to be Thatcher 2.0,… [©RTS]

Sky News host Gary Hardgrave says there is no doubt people within the Liberal Party have fallen for the “lazy trap” of trying to go after votes from those who… [©RTS]

Young Australian of the Year Dr Daniel Nour says it “breaks his heart” to hear people suggest Street Side Medics “aren't needed”. He said people “don’t realise” how lucky they… [©RTS]

Prince Harry’s views of anybody in the Royal Family have “gone down the drain” since his marriage to Meghan Markle, says royal biographer Angela Levin. “I think he is passing… [©RTS]

Western media says Russia blew up Nord Stream. But why would Moscow destroy pipelines it spent billons of dollars building?

Who benefited from the destruction of the Nord Stream? Read Full Article at RT.com [©RTS]

Christmas turkeys are at risk – UK farmers

The worst outbreak of avian influenza in UK history is now threatening Christmas turkey supplies, farmers warned Read Full Article at RT.com [©RTS]

Djokovic wins third title of 2022 (VIDEO)

Novak Djokovic celebrated his third tour-level win of the year on Sunday after beating Marin Cilic in the Tel Aviv Open final Read Full Article at RT.com [©RTS]

Massive asteroid heading towards Earth, scientists say

Russian scientists have discovered a new massive asteroid heading towards Earth Read Full Article at RT.com [©RTS]

Navy lied about fuel-laced water on US aircraft carrier – media

The US Navy reportedly lied to crew members on the USS Nimitz about the severity of a fuel leak into their drinking water Read Full Article at RT.com [©RTS]

FIFA president reacts to Indonesia stadium tragedy

World football governing body FIFA has reacted to a tragic stadium crush in Indonesia on Saturday, which claimed the lives of 125 fans Read Full Article at RT.com [©RTS]

Nine countries announce support for Ukraine’s NATO bid

The presidents of nine Central and Eastern European states supported Ukraine’s NATO membership bid Read Full Article at RT.com [©RTS]

Pope appeals to Putin and Zelensky

Pope Francis has urged the Ukrainian and Russian presidents to declare an immediate ceasefire and sit down for talks Read Full Article at RT.com [©RTS]

NYC seeks to house illegal immigrants on luxury cruise liner

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is negotiating a deal to house illegal immigrants on a luxury cruise liner Read Full Article at RT.com [©RTS]

Australian football promises swift action after Nazi salutes at cup final

Football Australia says it will take action after Nazi salutes were allegedly seen at the cup final Read Full Article at RT.com [©RTS]

Lyman é um importante centro ferroviário na região de Donetsk, que a Rússia anexou na sexta-feira, juntamente com Lugansk, Kherson e Zaporijia. [©RTS]

Visivelmente animado, Lula da Silva lembrou que há quatro anos não pôde votar porque fora "vítima de uma mentira". [©RTS]

Francisco pediu também ao mundo para recorrer a "instrumentos diplomáticos" para pôr fim a este conflito "grave, devastador e ameaçador". [©RTS]

Os resultados do escrutínio nos três países foram afixados, como ocorre normalmente, nos locais de votação depois de concluído o escrutínio [©RTS]

O Brasil vai este domingo a votos na primeira volta das eleições gerais que irão escolher o próximo Presidente, os governadores dos 27 estados e centenas de deputados federais e… [©RTS]

Cortes maciços de impostos anunciados pela primeira-ministra na semana passada provocaram o caos nos mercados financeiros. [©RTS]

Urnas funcionarão das 8h00 às 17h00 de Brasília (12h00 às 21h00 de Lisboa). Em Portugal, os brasileiros já estão a exercer o direito de voto desde as 8h00 em Lisboa,… [©RTS]

Os adeptos descontentes invadiram o campo e envolveram-se em confrontos com as claques da equipa rival, provocando o caos no estádio. Campeonato foi suspenso durante uma semana. [©RTS]

Último exercício realizado pelo Datafolha atribui 50% dos votos válidos ao ex-presidente brasileiro. [©RTS]

Dezenas de pessoas manifestaram solidariedade às mulheres iranianas em Coimbra. A comunidade considera ser essencial a ajuda da comunidade internacional para a causa do povo iraniano. [©RTS]

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Today's Verse - Proverbs 29:25

Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.—Proverbs 29:25Thoughts on Today's Verse...Fear is such a paralyzing emotion. It robs us vitality, decision making ability, and strength. Courage helps us step… [©RTS Read]

Daniel 10:11 - Evening Devotional for Oct. 2nd

"A man greatly beloved."—Daniel 10:11Evening ThoughtChild of God, do you hesitate to appropriate this title? Ah! has your unbelief made you forget that you are greatly beloved too? Must you not have been greatly beloved, to have been bought with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot? When God smote his only begotten Son for you, what was this but being greatly beloved? You lived in sin, and rioted in it, must you not have been greatly beloved for God to have borne so patiently with you? You were called by grace and… [©RTS]

'Finding Where We Belong' - John 15:1

[Jesus continued,] "I am the true grapevine, and my Father is the gardener."—John 15:1 NLTKey ThoughtJesus' statement is radical. The vine was a symbol of Israel. [1] Jesus is saying that he is the place God's people will find their life. We need to be attached to the true vine and take our spiritual sustenance from it — as followers of Jesus, our nourishment must come from him. [2] When people are in Christ, they will find themselves tended to and cared for by God himself. This concept is both radical and comforting. Jesus reminds us that God cares for the birds, [3]… [©RTS]


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