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1. Whitelist ©RTS for a better experience playing videos, build-in ad blockers in some browsers and third-party ad blockers may block ©RTS’ video player after confusing it with an ad.

2. Please don’t forget to check your ©RTS Chat regularly for important messages coming from the Platform’s Official accounts, failure to do so may result in a “time out” or suspension for your ©RTS Channel. ©RealTruthSeekers is an UNCENSORED Platform for ©RTS´ers but that does not mean that the Platform will not enforced its policies for the protection of the ©RTS community.

3. The Comments Section is back y’all !! // ©RTS’ers can still use the ©RTS Bubble in evey video to send a DM, Comments or start a direct Chat with the content ©RTS Creator.

4. An ©RTS member writes: ‘When a video is selected it opens but an audio file plays as well’ — (this is part of point no.1) To fix this, please DISABLE the Ad block feature built-in Or your third party Ad block plugin installed in your browser — and/or whitelist ©RTS in the plugin/feature. What you hear is a tiny video intro played randomly before the start of some videos. Your Ad block confuses it with an advertisement, this is why you only hear the audio part of it.

5. RT News & Documentaries LIVE stream comes Directly from RT’s TV station-servers located in Russia. If RT is blocked in your own country you will not be able to watch the stream for that reason. But instead a “broken” thumbnail will appear in the screen, if that. To bypass this Censorship you will need a VPN program in your computer Or a VPN app in your mobile device. You don’t have to spend money on the VPN as most of them offer some type of free service.

6. Resolve ‘video player not showing up’ issues with RT and all other 24/7 LIVE streams on ©RTS by unblocking/allowing the “Content Blocked” by your browser. PC and Mac browers usually show the content blocked controller within or around the same browser URL bar — next or around to the ©RTS page’s URL.

7. If help is needed, members are welcome to contact ©RTS Admin or ©RTS Updates with the ©RTS Chat feature. Members and visitors can do the same for any Copyright or Abuse issues that they may encounter in the Platform.

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