Putin Planned His Invasion While Biden Focused On Diversity & Inclusion | Matt Walsh Show Ep. 896

Matt Walsh Show for Thursday Feb-24-2022
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00:00 – Opening
01:56 – Putin Planned His Invasion While Biden Focused On Diversity And Inclusion
14:56 – A Dog Trainer Came To The House To Figure Out Why Matt’s Dog Hates Him
19:25 – Canada Introduces Bill Allowing Reporting Of Hate Speech Before It Happens
28:02 – Trucker Convoy Is Headed For DC
36:42 – New York Magazine Writer Says The Push For Parental Rights Are Part Of The Right-Wing Authoritarian Agenda
41:56 – The Comments Section
52:39 – Fat Acceptance Activist Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Joe Biden was already having the worst presidential term in American history, and that was before Russia invaded Ukraine, bringing us closer to World War 3. And it is not a coincidence that this has happened after Biden spent his first year in office focusing primarily on wokeness and intentionally making our military weaker and more feminine. We’ll talk about that today. Also, Canada proposes legislation that will allow people to report hate speech before it happens. Brave New World meets the Minority Report in Canada. Plus, a trucker convoy heads to D.C. I have my reservations about this one and I’ll explain. Also, a writer for New York magazine says that parents who insist on parental rights are actually “household tyrants.” And finally in our Daily Cancelation we’ll look at the fat acceptance activist who says that dieting is a form of conversion therapy.

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