Leftist Elites Want People to Stop Complaining About the U.S. Economic Collapse | Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh for Thursday June 23, 2022 | Ep. #978
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00:00 – Opening
01:58 – Leftist Elites Want You To Stop Complaining About Our Economic Collapse
12:11 – SCOTUS Strikes Down New York Gun Law
16:24 – Biden’s Fix For Gas Prices Is For Companies To Lower Their Prices
21:14 – Biden Admin Goes After Tobacco
23:46 – Australia’s Female Rugby Team Bans Transgender Athletes
32:36 – Canada Bans Single Use Plastics
40:27 – Cory Booker Releases Cringy Agriculture Video
43:45 – The Comments Section
52:28 – The TSA Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Leftist elites have a message for average people suffering under these economic conditions: shut up and stop complaining. Also, the Supreme Court strikes down New York’s unconstitutional gun control law. Biden unveils his brilliant plan for driving gas prices down. 60 Minutes claims that a 6’2”, 230 pound male Rugby player has no physical advantage over the females he wants to compete against. Canada bans plastic straws. But where does all the plastic pollution in the ocean actually come from? Hint: it’s not coming from Canada or the United States. And in our Daily Cancellation, the TSA heroically saves lives by confiscating bottles of water and tubes of sunscreen, and then brags about it on Twitter.

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