Is Sanity Making A Comeback? | Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh for Monday June 20, 2022 | Ep. #975
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00:00 – Opening
01:49 – Is Sanity Making A Comeback?
14:49 – Toy Story Flops On Its Opening Weekend
23:14 – Democrat Governor Calls Pro-Lifers “Neanderthals”
25:25 – Joe Biden Falls Off His Bike
30:29 – New Details Emerge On Law Enforcement Response To Uvalde Shooting
34:06 – Court Needed To Determine That An Elephant Is Not A Human
39:41 – The Comments Section
48:40 – W Kamau Bell Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, conservatives celebrate as the women’s swimming federation officially disqualifies men like Lia Thomas from competition in the future. Does this mark a return to sanity in our culture? Actually no, and I’ll explain why. Also, the new woke Toy Story film bombs at the box office and the media is perplexed. The governor of New York not so subtly encourages more violence against pro-lifers in the lead up to the Roe decision. A court declares that elephants are not people. Why was that necessary to establish? And a CNN comedian records a father’s day PSA pushing abortion. What does that have to do with father’s day?

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