If Only Babies Had The Same Rights As Sea Turtles | Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh for Thursday May 11, 2022 | Ep. #950
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00:00 – Opening
01:49 – If Only Babies Had The Same Rights As Sea Turtles
16:10 – Senate Fails To Vote Abortion Into Law
21:46 – The Handmaid’s Tale Protesters Show Up At Amy Coney Barrett’s House
26:21 – Another Clip Resurfaces That Proves Dr Oz Is Not Conservative
32:15 – MSNBC Attacks Blake Masters For Debunking The Gender Pay Gap Myth
40:21 – The Comments Section
49:57 – Cake Gender Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Democrats attempt to legalize abortion through every stage of pregnancy up until birth, nationwide. Meanwhile, people are getting sent to prison for killing bald eagles and harassing turtle eggs. Our law — and Democrat policies — literally place animals and bugs above human beings. We’ll discuss. Plus, Handmaid’s Tale cosplayers show up at Amy Coney Barrett’s house and proceed to embarrass themselves. Because what else could they possibly do? And a Republican senate candidate is caught on a tape in shocking video claiming that the gender pay gap is a myth. This is a huge scandal. He’s also completely right. For our Daily Cancellation, we will attempt to make sense of the latest gender innovation: cake gender.

The Daily Wire will take a wrecking ball to all the lies the abortion industry is built upon.  Become a member and tune in to our documentary on abortion “Choosing Death: The Legacy of Roe”: https://utm.io/uezge.

I am a beloved LGBTQ+ and children’s author. Reserve your copy of Johnny The Walrus here: https://utm.io/uevUc.

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