HELIUM 🇷🇺 | 7 minutes | Grand Beatbox Battle 2021

HELIUM 🇷🇺 | 7 minutes | Grand Beatbox Battle 2021

@Helium_Beatbox from Russia, the man with the never ending flow, incredibly clean and inhuman sounds! He tore the stage this year at GBB21 and we’re excited to have him back 3 years later with another 7 minutes of beatbox insanity! Make sure to subscribe to Helium’s channel and follow him at https://instagr.am/helium_beatbox

Recorded at Grand Beatbox Battle 2021
Camera: https://instagr.am/justintansc
Audio: https://instagr.am/puls_8
Video: https://instagr.am/t__pot_

RTS Member Profile: RTS_music
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