Flat Earth watch face

New Flat Earth watch face available in my store!

Best gift for Flat Earther

✅Large selection of models
✅Free shipping
✅24/7 customer support
✅100% Customer satisfaction

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Unique Flat Earth models here. You own Flat Earth model. FREE SHIPPING

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Revelation_3_2-20 avatar
1 month ago

This is Beautiful, and for Christmas around the corner this could be an awesome gift for all the love ones. In your site says this is a kind of Smart Watch for Samsung phones. But what if I don’t own a Samsung phone, can it still be used as a normal watch too? and Do you make shipments overseas, all around Earth ? — GOD Bless you always and all ways.

Revelation_3_2-20 avatar
Reply to  FlatEarthGifts
1 month ago

Thank you, I will check them out with the rest of your other merchandise. Beautiful real Artisan work, that’s a Gift from GOD .Congrats!

truthseeker4life avatar
1 month ago

It would be amazing if you make it also disponible for all kind of smart watches,like that you can get much more clients and sells , much people use smart watch but not Samsung, could be a very good idea my brother 💪🙏👏
Love the style ,very good work ! 👏 ❤

Uncensored_Truth avatar
Reply to  TruthSeeker 4LIFE
1 month ago

I would be direct client , I own a smart watch but not Samsung , my is from Gen 5 ,it would be nice to have it also available to other smart watches 😉 keep the good work , let me know if it will be also available to other devices 🤝

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