Ep 3 R&B Monthly Seminar 8.23.22: Chair: Mrs. Cecily Routman. Guest: Rabbi Shlomo Nachman

Rabbi Shlomo Nachman is a director at the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation, and the founder and rabbi of Beit Emunah, an active and growing online synagogue. Rabbi Nachman joins us today to talk about his personal experience with abortion, his bold defense of unborn life in his work, and his reflections on the absolute necessity to defend life and Torah in the spiritual warfare that surrounds us in today’s culture. Visit BeitEmunah.org to learn more about Rabbi Nachman’s work and to join his worship services and Torah studies. Rabbi can be contacted at rabbi@beitemunah.org.

R&B Monthly Seminar: “‘Abortion’ (Moloch Mass Murder Child Human Sacrifice Global Industry)” (Episode #3 — Tuesday, August 23, 2022/Av 26, 5782). Chair: Mrs. Cecily Routman. Guest: Rabbi Shlomo Nachman

The Root & Branch Association was founded by Lowell Joseph Gallin, a modern hero who promotes cooperation between the State of Israel and other nations, and between the Children of Israel and the Children of Noah (Gentiles), in the Land of Israel and abroad, to build a better world based on faith in the God of Israel and observance of His Covenants and laws, as commanded by the God of Israel in the Bible and Jewish Tradition.

News, education, enlightenment and spiritual renewal. Saving Jewish Lives & Healing Jewish Hearts by providing the Jewish community with Pro-Life Education, Pregnancy Care and Adoption Referrals, and Healing After Abortion.
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