DJC – Stratoscurious (Higher Than Air) : WORLD ANTHEM

0:00 – Intro
0:23 – “Stratoscurious” Music Video
5:18 – “The Lion” Christopher Walken

My nomination for the World Anthem of the proven Level & Motionless Earth.. which is therefore not a “planet” but inevitably a level stationary plane of existence, obviously proven an intelligently-designed, divinely-created realm of impenetrable mystery and fascinating endless wonder.. the floor of the revolving Universe above us. the unerringly precise & predictable timepiece-masterpiece of celestial luminaries.. impossible to reach or land-upon.. at least not in this life..

This track tells the story of Physicists & Explorers, Professor Piccard & Dr Kipfer, who in 1931 were the 1ST ever known to reach what they theoretically assumed with Scientism indoctrination to be the “stratosphere” of an in fact imaginary, non-existent, physically-impossible alleged globe earth.. the reality of which they were the 1st to observe, witness and provide testimony to humanity by stating “it seemed like a flat disc with an upturned edge”..

Music and words composed and written by David J Caron(c)2018.

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Genuine Flat Earth channels feel free to make your own videos using my unaltered audio.

The worldwide awakening is underway & cannot be stopped.
It’s time to wake up, detach oneself from the mainstream media matrix of deception, realize the scientifically proven truth and accept it. This important informative song needs to be heard by every human alive who is not already awakened & aware.. Unless you prefer living a comfortable illusion lie… The eyes are useless if the mind is blind..

Will the mainstream media have the courage to play my song and/or video and risk further awakening humanity to “The Greatest Ever Deception.. or just ridicule it with clueless ignorance and cognitive dissonance as typically expected?

ATTENTION!.. 1 BITCOIN (minimum) Globe-Earth-proving Challenge for all proven-reality denying globe religion disciples :

Thanks to Jody. H Midgley for footage of the Flat Earth illuminated model.

Thanks to everyone in the FE Truth community, whose work & video clips may also appear in this video so as to spread undefeatable truth to those who cannot figure it out for themselves..

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Let the Paradigm shifting Tectonic plates of Truth begin to shift..

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