Celebrate Shabbat with Beit Emunah!

Celebrate Shabbat with Beit Emunah! — https://beitemunah.org

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I am the rabbi of Beit Emunah (LLC) -- https://beitemunah.org. We are a unique congregation in many ways. For example, we are politically conservative, pro-life, Sephardi-based, Breslov-focused and open-minded concerning Flat Earth and other topics. It is evident that society is being deceived on countless fronts and that many of the so-call Conspiracy Theories" were and are actually Conspiracy Facts.

What is Truth? Ain Soph: G-d beyond human reasoning, not religion, political parties, etc. As we say: Adonai Echad. The absolute Oneness of the Eternal One is Truth. Everything is less than true to one degree or another. We love RTS because they are "real truth seekers." We are honored to be among such good folks. We welcome all sincere truth seekers.

Everything we offer is free and online via our three websites., Our livestreams are made on Zoom and simulcasted through Youtube with a link here and on our other social media sites. Our websites are https://beitemunah.org, https://lkearnemunah.com, and https://allfaith.com. Emunah is Hebrew for [motivating] Faith.

If you have religious or spiritual questions and/or are looking for a religious home, we may be able to help. I am knowledgeable of all practically the world's religious. I have become convinced that the biblical model is Flat Earth. I still have some questions about the scientific model and continue to study. Paraphrasing the Bard, 'there is more to the heavens and the earth than are dreamed of in our philosophies'.

Join us Wednesdays and Thursdays at Noon, and Thursdays at 8 PM, for book discussions and conversation.
Join us Fridays at 8 PM and Saturdays at Noon for Shabbat services. All times US Eastern.
We also do special broadcasts. Check https://BeitEmunah.org for these.

YOU are welcome! Visit http://beitemunah.org for more information, studies, and links.


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