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The Iron Republic
Author: Richard Jameson Morgan
Publish: 1902
Publisher: Florida Magazine
Format: ebook
Pages: 80 pages
Country: USA
Language: English
E-book/PDF size: 1.20 MB
4.5 rating

With this number begins the remarkable narrative of Mr. E. W. Barrington, entitled "The Iron Republic.” It may be unnecessary for the Magazine to disclaim any responsibility for the truth of this extraordinary story. The writer claims to have absolute and demonstrable evidence of the truth of the article on board his vessel now lying in Tampa Bay; but we have not had the opportunity to inspect these proofs. It is only fair to Mr. Barrington to say, that he invites the public to come aboard his ship and see for themselves. Either as fact or fiction it is a rare story and presents an ideal of society and government that will make the average reader long to be a citizen of the newly discovered Iron Republic.

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