Author: Gregory Lessing Garrett
Publish: 2020
Publisher: Gregory L Garrett Publishing Inc - Flat Earth
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 979-8685817846
ASIN: B08KJ5539D
Pages: 432 pages
Country: The United States of America
Language: English
Dimension: 8.5 by 11 inches
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NASA is simply mind control and social engineering on a massive scale. The whole authoritarian mindset of being subservient to The Secular Humanist State for the entirety of your life is what keeps totalitarianism alive. And it still works on most Christians and Catholics because they still see NASA’s version of our Cosmogony as reality from a plethora of Outer Space propaganda, including Hollywood sci fi films, educational institutions, and NASA CGI images.

The application of Outer Space propaganda attempts to stress the idea that everything you are seeing is verifiable because you have been presented with computer generated images, a Hollywood film, or technological idea couched in overly technical scientific nomenclature. They attempt to create the reality of Godless Universe based upon the premise that God cannot be shown, but Outer Space can, which therefore makes The Godless Universe real and a Metaphysical and Supernatural God a myth. It is clever sophistry, pushing fallacious arguments with the intention of deceiving. After all, the Hollywood level Astrophysical events, insanely huge stellar magnitudes, vast light years, and distant Black Holes, etc…that NASA relentlessly pushes are not verifiable by anyone but NASA. And so, they hold all the keys to The Godless Universe Kingdom. Nobody can question what they cannot even research. Behold the birth of the Scientism Priest.

In short, NASA falsely assumes that things not easily shown must be unreal in order to factor out an Invisible God out of The Creation story. And it is all accomplished by assuming God must be shown in the same way a meteor shower is shown instead of through the logical understanding of an Intelligent Design requiring an Intelligent Designer, or the fact that all effects have causes, where there is no reason to assume that the Universe would be any exception to this demonstrable fact.

The Heliocentric Model is a smoke and mirrors feat of HelioSINtrickery. But the world is seeing what is behind the curtain and The Wizard of Oz turns out to be the charlatan that we had suspected.

Author Biography
Gregory L. Garrett lives in California in the USA, has a B.S. in Music and a B.A. in Psychology from UCLA and UCSC, a Masters in Education from National University, studied Physics and Philosophy at UCLA, and Advanced Astrophysics at UCSC under Frank Drake, and is a musical theater composer, songwriter, author, martial artist, classical symphonic rock keyboardist and performer, and is currently working on a book about Transhumanism, Nano Synthetic Biology, and The Elite Agenda for Apotheosis.

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