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Flat Truth
Author: Mark Steven Hollander
Publish: May 8, 2018
Publisher: Xlibris US
Format: ebook, hardcover
ISBN: 978-1984527523
Pages: 168 Pages
Country: The United States of America
Language: English
Dimension: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)
E-book/PDF size: 1.81MB
5.0 rating

Is it possible that almost everything that we were taught from the time of our innocent adolescence and as children to the completion of our chosen path of studies in college was not only incorrect but was part of an educational doctrine of spiritual disconnectedness from what truth is and what our reality is in the world that we occupy today. What if I told you that this is but a small capsule in a puzzle that was well planned and engineered by a world control system to propagate a catalog of theoretical science that, in some cases, have never ever been proven to this date nor ever will be ascertained as fact. Humanity appears to have been hoodwinked into a dumber state of who we are and where we came from. Are we unique in a geocentric world or are we in a heliocentric mode of how our world operates, just as Copernicus suggested in his works in 1543? Interestingly enough, Copernicus never wanted to publish any of his works because he didnt believe in the spinning ball earth either. It was only after his death when the totality of his heliocentric global model was presented to the world control system, who are related to the two hundred fallen angels who revolted against God in the third heaven about 4,500 years ago. The irony behind this is that the Romans and the Jews killed Christ over two thousand years ago, and the very same agenda continues to manifest itself through the Jesuits (IHS) and the ancient tribes of Israel, who always seem to have the worlds currency as the power to continue their ideas of world domination and use the vast resources at their disposal to create the worlds dominant religion called science or scientism. Anything that our creator said in the Holy Bible is always at the polar opposite of what science suggests. A real nefariously planned agenda that has gone on for 474 years seems to be threatened to become full disclosure of the biggest lie in the history of mankind that is kept by the worlds oldest secret society called the Freemasons. The very uniqueness of humankind was spelled out correctly by our Creator. The earth was the center of the universe that he created, and the sun and the moon, as well as the stars and constellations, revolve around the earth, with Polaris being the north magnetic pole fixed star. The delusional unproven cobwebs of hypotheses of assumptions and guesses concerning most sciences and psychics tries to further the deception through mathematical equations of utter nonsense with any unproven characteristics to ascertain any validity of reality. A void of truth exists then and now but has created a Star Wars type of illusion that actually doesnt even exist. How could space possibly exist when you and I have never in our entire lives ever seen a real photo of what our own world looks like? All space agencies are part of the cover-up because they are also Freemasons. It is my conclusion that space is fake and NASA was set up to further the deception and even admit that images of earth are composites and computer-generated images. Since 1958, NASA has literally force-fed us and continued their trickery, sorcery, wizardry, and being only the god of oneself. Yet they cannot get to a high enough altitude to provide humanity with one single photo of what the very shape of our world is. I believe strongly in the very senses that God gave all of us, and instinctively, our senses are usually 99 percent right. My book will help those awakening sheep remove the dark shades from this massive deception, and for those who are unwilling or unable to think past their noses, then those sheep will remain asleep. My book is part of the great awakening from pseudoscience that has put man living in a Newtonian world of Einstein physics ruled by Frankenstein logic. The game is over. The consciousness shift of stupidity is because of a poisonous indoctrination to separate your soul and reality from truth and knowledge, but hold tight, folks. A real awakening is happening all over the world.

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"This book is dedicated to my mother who always wanted me to become a writer."

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