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Elon Musk calls accuser ‘far left’ actress, dares her to describe unique part of his body

Elon Musk dismissed his sexual harassment accuser as a "far-left actress" who has "a major political axe to grind." [©RTS]

Kohl’s sales process is a ‘disaster’: sources

Dismal financial results at Kohl’s have raised concerns that the company’s auction to sell itself will be a bust – even as management continues to tout the strong interest by… [©RTS]

NPR’s masking rules encourage coworkers to rat each other out

National Public Radio is encouraging staffers to squeal on each other if they do not comply with the company's Draconian mask-wearing policy in the office. [©RTS]

Workers to bosses: If I have to come to the office, I’m taking a long lunch

If they're going to commute to work, they're not eating a sad salad at their desk.  [©RTS]

Ads from McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King exaggerate size of burgers: suit

McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King have been exaggerating the size of their burgers in ads, showing much fatter patties than what consumers actually get, according to two lawsuits. The most… [©RTS]

Kohl’s cuts annual forecast as it gets stung with inflation

Kohl’s Corp. cut its annual earnings and sales forecast, as the department store chain joins a string of retailers stung with soaring inflation. [©RTS]

Melvin Capital clients fume at Gabe Plotkin over fee charges

Melvin Capital said it is finally shutting down after getting clobbered by Reddit investors last year — and now clients are doubly angry because its founder Gabe Plotkin is still… [©RTS]

McDonald’s will sell its Russian restaurants to a local operator

McDonald’s is selling its Russia business to its current licensee Alexander Govor and the restaurants will operate under a new brand, ending more than three decades of presence in the country… [©RTS]

Harley-Davidson shares slide after announcing 2-week production suspension

Harley-Davidson said Thursday it will suspend vehicle assembly and shipments for a two-week period, excluding those from its electric-vehicle division LiveWire, due to a parts issue related to a supplier. [©RTS]

Cathie Wood slams Tesla’s removal from S&P 500 ESG index: ‘Ridiculous’

Ark Invest founder and noted Tesla bull Cathie Wood has joined company boss Elon Musk in slamming the S&P 500’s decision to remove the electric car maker from its stock… [©RTS]

Hoge Raad in spaartaks-zaak: geen verplichte compensatie voor iedereen

Spaarders die niet op tijd bezwaar hebben gemaakt bij de Belastingdienst hoeven niet gecompenseerd te worden voor de vermogensbelasting die zij de afgelopen jaren betaald hebben. De Hoge Raad heeft… [©RTS]

Wekdienst 20/5: Hoge Raad doet uitspraak spaartaks • Uitslagen CITO-toets

Goedemorgen! De Hoge Raad komt met een uitspraak of ook mensen die geen bezwaar hebben aangeketend gecompenseerd worden voor hun spaartaks. En een spannende dag voor leerlingen in groep 8:… [©RTS]

Ruim helft werknemers in overgang ondervindt hinder op werk

Ruim de helft van de werknemers in de overgang zegt dat dit weleens invloed heeft op hun werk. Vrouwen die in de overgang zijn, zeggen minder goed te functioneren. Ze… [©RTS]

'Laat studiekeuze niet afhangen van huidig aantal vacatures'

Je zou denken dat het makkelijk is: een studie kiezen in tijden van een historisch krappe arbeidsmarkt. Maar de huidige overvloed aan vacatures in bepaalde sectoren kan jongeren juist een… [©RTS]

Zwitsers bankgeheim versoepeld bij vermoeden van terrorismefinanciering

Een volgende barst in het Zwitsers bankgeheim: de regering wil met een wetswijziging de federale inlichtingendienst toegang geven tot gegevens en transacties van Zwitserse banken als er een vermoeden is… [©RTS]

Is regulering van huren in vrije sector 'hoognodig' of 'risico'?

"Een hoognodige stap", zo noemt de Woonbond de plannen van minister De Jonge om de huren in de vrije sector tot een bepaald niveau aan banden te leggen. Het puntensysteem… [©RTS]

Roebels of niet? Nog altijd onduidelijkheid over betaling Russische gasrekening

Mogen gasbedrijven nu wel of niet indirect in roebels betalen voor Russisch gas? Een dag voordat veel gasbedrijven de rekening aan de Russische gasleveranciers moeten betalen, is er nog altijd… [©RTS]

Kabinet tegen Europees plan om meer arbeidsmigranten uit Noord-Afrika te halen

Het kabinet is tegen het plan van de Europese Commissie om meer arbeidsmigranten van buiten de Europese Unie te halen. Minister Van Gennip zei vandaag in een debat met de… [©RTS]

'Rijk hield geen rekening met klimaatdoelen bij bouw zeesluizen'

Het Rijk houdt er bij de aanleg van infrastructuur geen rekening mee dat er op termijn minder fossiele brandstof naar Nederland komt. Dat melden Trouw en De Groene Amsterdammer op… [©RTS]

Forse verliezen op Amerikaanse aandelenbeurzen

De Amerikaanse beurzen zijn fors gekelderd. De Amerikaanse index Dow Jones Industrial sloot 3,6 procent in de min. De bredere S&P 500 daalde 4 procent, tot 3923,68 punten. Dat is… [©RTS]

Elon Musk calls accuser ‘far left’ actress, dares her to describe unique part of his body

Elon Musk dismissed his sexual harassment accuser as a "far-left actress" who has "a major political axe to grind." [©RTS]

Elon Musk accused of exposing himself to private flight attendant, report claims

Elon Musk was accused of sexual misconduct in 2018 stemming from a 2016 incident, according to Insider. The woman who accused him was paid $250,000 by SpaceX. [©RTS]

FBI reveals 10 things you have to do to stop smartphone hackers

Whether you're an Apple or Android user or prefer logging into accounts on a laptop, the FBI has a warning for you. [©RTS]

Elon Musk says he won’t donate to GOP nominee who takes on Biden in 2024

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told CNBC on Thursday that he has no plans to donate to super PACs in support of Republican candidates during the upcoming midterm elections or the… [©RTS]

Crypto scam warning after criminals spotted trying ‘new tricks’ to steal funds

The scheme is called "liquidity mining" and the perpetrators use the complexity of crypto-trading as a shield for heists. [©RTS]

Facebook secretly planted op-eds in local papers to lobby against tech reform: report

Facebook used a front group to secretly plant op-eds in local newspapers nationwide in order to lobby Washington to back down from antitrust legislation aimed at improving competition in tech,… [©RTS]

Trump reportedly blames Google for Truth Social failure: ‘Is Google trying to f–k me?’

Donald Trump has reportedly been telling associates that Google has been sabotaging his new social media platform by not making it available on Android devices. “Is Google trying to f–k… [©RTS]

Cathie Wood slams Tesla’s removal from S&P 500 ESG index: ‘Ridiculous’

Ark Invest founder and noted Tesla bull Cathie Wood has joined company boss Elon Musk in slamming the S&P 500’s decision to remove the electric car maker from its stock… [©RTS]

Google’s ad business would be broken up under new bipartisan bills

The pair of bills would bar large companies from operating in multiple parts of the online ad supply chain — effectively ending what critics say is Google’s ability to act… [©RTS]

The rise of the modern-day ‘Peeping Tom’: How creeps are stealing nude images off phones

A creepy T-Mobile employee stole allegedly nude photos of a Queens woman's phone last year -- a creepy trend advocates fear as part of a rise in the modern-day "Peeping… [©RTS]

Jort Kelder verliest zaak tegen Google en Twitter

Google en Twitter kunnen niet verantwoordelijk worden gehouden voor het plaatsen van de nepberichten waarin bekende Nederlanders zogenaamd mensen oproepen om te investeren in virtueel geld. Tot dat oordeel is… [©RTS]

Tunnel dicht door twee zieken: hoe kwetsbaar zijn onze voorzieningen?

Twee ziekmeldingen leidden vanochtend tot de sluiting van een belangrijke verkeersader in Zuid-Holland. Rijkswaterstaat sloot de Ketheltunnel omdat twee toezichthoudende operators zich afmeldden. Dat roept vragen op over de kwetsbaarheid… [©RTS]

Elon Musk pauzeert overname Twitter vanwege nepaccounts

Elon Musk heeft aangekondigd dat hij zijn overname van het sociale netwerk opschort. In een tweet schrijft hij dat wordt onderzocht of het klopt dat minder dan 5 procent van… [©RTS]

Komst snel 5G loopt meer dan een jaar vertraging op

Het duurt nog tot december 2023 voordat de snellere variant van 5G-internet beschikbaar komt voor Nederlandse consumenten. Dat is de boodschap van een adviescommissie. De verwachting is dat minister Adriaansens… [©RTS]

EU wil strenge aanpak online kindermisbruik, grote zorgen over uitvoering

Internetdiensten zoals WhatsApp en Signal worden, als het aan de Europese Commissie ligt, verplicht om online kindermisbruik te monitoren en aan te pakken. Het wetsvoorstel, dat gisteren uitlekte, stuitte meteen… [©RTS]

Elon Musk zou - zegt hij - Trump terug laten keren op Twitter

Wat Elon Musk betreft zou Donald Trump straks mogen terugkeren op Twitter. "Ik zou het verbod terugdraaien", zei Musk in een interview met de Financial Times. Musk benadrukte daarbij dat… [©RTS]

Apple stopt na ruim twintig jaar met iPod, maar de muziek leeft voort

Ruim twintig jaar na de lancering van de destijds revolutionaire iPod stopt Apple de productie van de draagbare mediaspeler. De iconische speler is inmiddels vervangen door andere apparaten, waardoor de… [©RTS]

ACM start vooronderzoek naar Google na klacht over machtsmisbruik

De Autoriteit Consument en Markt (ACM) start een vooronderzoek naar Google. Aanleiding is een klacht van Match Group, het moederbedrijf van dating-app Tinder. Volgens Match Group is er sprake van… [©RTS]

Straks ook Twitterbaas: de eigenzinnige en veeleisende Elon Musk

Een kolonie op Mars, klimaatverandering tegengaan met elektrische auto's, hersenbeschadiging herstellen door een chip te implanteren: te veel ambities voor één mensenleven, zou je zeggen. Maar dat geldt niet voor… [©RTS]

Twitter groeit harder, kijkt niet vooruit vanwege overname Elon Musk

Voor het eerst in bijna twee jaar heeft Twitter een kleine groeispurt in het aantal dagelijkse actieve gebruikers. Het afgelopen kwartaal logden er bijna 229 miljoen mensen in, een stijging… [©RTS]

Talk about deadly obesity risks in America? Fat chance

Through the whole of the last two years almost nobody in any position of authority dared issue any public lessons about the risks of obesity. [©RTS]

Hurrah for new HBO boss uncanceling J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling is being let out of her PC jail cell by the new chief of Warner Bros. Discovery. [©RTS]

How FBI bigwig aided and abetted Hillary Clinton plot

Just look how cozy Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann and FBI general counsel James A. Baker are in text messages revealed in Thursday’s testimony. [©RTS]

The left hates Elon Musk because he’s a twin threat that doesn’t tolerate BS

Why does the left hate Elon Musk? It’s simple, really: Because he can’t be controlled, and because he doesn’t tolerate BS. [©RTS]

It’s time to make this city a sanctuary for law-abiding New Yorkers

Our city is teetering on a precipice. It will either fall into the abyss of lawlessness or rise to return to common-sense policies that kept New York safe for decades.… [©RTS]

I’m a gay conservative — I’m angry the left is using the leaked SCOTUS draft to fear-monger on gay rights

Left-wing groups like the Human Rights Campaign traffic in panic and seize every opportunity they can to fundraise for their Democratic get-out-the-vote machines. [©RTS]

How the feds’ civil suit against Steve Wynn helps Hunter Biden . . . how convenient

By bringing Steve Wynn’s case as a civil lawsuit, the Justice Department may have undercut the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s alleged foreign business deals. [©RTS]

The week in whoppers: Biden’s baseless ‘bipartisanship,’ White House whiplash and more

Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions This claim: “To the frustration of many Democrats and some of his closest advisers, President Joe Biden has steadfastly spent more than a… [©RTS]

Letters to the Editor — May 20, 2022

New York Post readers sound off about tax filings showing BLM founder Patrisse Cullors paid family members with organization funds. [©RTS]

Bill de Blasio is the gift that keeps on giving — to his critics

Just when we thought we’d gotten rid of him, ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed Wednesday that he’s running for a new House seat in Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. [©RTS]

The Coalition’s super-for-housing policy should have been brought out “a week earlier,” says Sky News host Sharri Markson. “It’s one of the only policies of the entire campaign that would… [©RTS]

Sky News contributor Caleb Bond says people have started to realise Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese “doesn’t have any fight”. Mr Bond said he thinks there has been a “shortening” in… [©RTS]

Sky News host Paul Murray says if “preference discipline” exists in this election as it did in the last, “the government will be returned”. “Your preferences pick the government,” Mr… [©RTS]

Sky News host Chris Smith says he “can’t see” Treasurer Josh Frydenberg losing his blue-ribbon seat of Kooyong. “If Josh Frydenberg loses, the Liberal Party is decimated,” Mr Smith said. [©RTS]

Sky News host Paul Murray says Saturday’s election is a “choice about what kind of country you want it to be”. “Nothing is inevitable,” he said. “I can’t pretend this… [©RTS]

Albanese might be Labor’s problem tonight, but he could soon be Australia’s problem, says Sky News host Gary Hardgrave. “The inability of Albo is now just embarrassing,” Mr Hardgrave said.… [©RTS]

Sky News host Sharri Markson says Saturday’s election will be “tight”. “Labor, in my view, is overly confident,” she said. Ms Markson added she believes if the election campaign had… [©RTS]

Liberal Party Vice-President Teena McQueen says the election will be a “seat by seat battle” with “lots of surprises”. “I don’t believe these large undecided numbers, I think people know… [©RTS]

Sky News host Chris Kenny says “no one really knows” where the right-leaning minor parties’ preferences will go. “How strongly they’ll flow to the Coalition,” Mr Kenny said. “They’ll decide… [©RTS]

Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker says she believes the third position on the Liberal National senate ticket is “winnable”. Ms Stoker has been bumped to third place on the LNP’s ticket… [©RTS]

Brutal French Open scenario revealed for Djokovic and Nadal

Grand Slam greats Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal could clash in the Roland-Garros quarterfinals, with teen sensation Carlos Alcaraz lurking Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Russia will not give away gas for free – Kremlin

Russia will not deliver gas to “unfriendly states” unless they pay in rubles, the Kremlin says Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Elon Musk calls sexual misconduct allegations ‘political hit piece’

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says recent sexual misconduct claims against him should be viewed through a political lens Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Ex-German chancellor quits Russian oil giant

Gerhard Schroeder is stepping down from the Rosneft board, the Russian oil company announced Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Russians didn’t want to join NATO, US claims

Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated the US claim that Russia decided against seeking NATO membership in the 1990s. Read Full Article at [©RTS]

China boosts energy imports from Russia

China has ramped up energy-related imports from Russia, spending over $6 billion on purchases of oil, gas and coal last month Read Full Article at [©RTS]

G7 wants to cap Russian oil price – US Treasury

G7 countries are discussing the possibility of setting up a cartel to buy Russian oil at a fixed price, US Treasury secretary announced Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Premier League legend fights fan in more pitch invasion shame (VIDEO)

Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira has made headlines for attacking an Everton fan that got in his face during a pitch invasion Read Full Article at [©RTS]

‘It was Khabib’s idea’ – Eagle FC president details plans for Fedor fight

Bellator MMA and Eagle FC could join forces to put on a fight between heavyweight icons Fedor Emelianenko and Junior dos Santos Read Full Article at [©RTS]

Kiev wants Donbass authorities ‘physically gone’

A top Ukrainian negotiator has said he wants people calling themselves the authorities in the Donbass republics “physically gone” Read Full Article at [©RTS]

A medida abrange cerca de 270 mil jovens de 16 e 17 anos residentes na Bélgica e 13 mil belgas que vivem no estrangeiro. [©RTS]

António Costa defende que se deve "evitar divisões na União Europeia" e sublinha que o papel de Portugal é continuar a ouvir todos e "encontrar um ponto de consenso". [©RTS]

Ucranianos voltam a casa exatamente "com as mesmas malas, pertences e brinquedos" que levaram consigo quando partiram. [©RTS]

O número de delitos de agressão e crimes de guerra chega aos 12.595. As autoridades registaram ainda 5882 crimes contra a segurança nacional. [©RTS]

Mais 23 pessoas deram positivo ao vírus monkeypox em Espanha. Todos estes novos casos pertencem à região de Madrid. [©RTS]

Alemanha e França confirmam um caso cada, enquanto a Bélgica registou dois testes positivos. [©RTS]

Relativamente ao facto de o anúncio das sanções russas acontecer pouco antes da visita de Costa a Kiev, o Presidente da República considera que "mostra o alinhamento de Portugal". [©RTS]

"Não podemos pensar que tudo está feito, o nosso país tem pela frente desafios exigentes próprios do nosso contexto histórico e cultural", afirma José Ramos-Horta. [©RTS]

De acordo com as autoridades locais, o suspeito é casado com uma das pessoas feridas e, em dezembro, tinha recebido uma ordem de restrição, na sequência de uma investigação de… [©RTS]

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa referiu que Ramos Horta "aos olhos da comunidade internacional, já está na história, mas o povo timorense, quis" que "voltasse a fazer história". [©RTS]

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Today's Verse - Romans 15:5-6

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.—Romans… [©RTS]

Psalms 17:7 - Morning Devotional for May. 20th

"Marvellous lovingkindness."—Psalms 17:7Morning ThoughtWhen we give our hearts with our alms, we give well, but we must often plead to a failure in this respect. Not so our Master and our Lord. His favours are always performed with the love of his heart. He does not send to us the cold meat and the broken pieces from the table of his luxury, but he dips our morsel in his own dish, and seasons our provisions with the spices of his fragrant affections. When he puts the golden tokens of his grace into our palms, he accompanies the gift with such… [©RTS]

'They Just Don't Get It!' - John 7:2-5

But soon it was time for the Jewish Festival of Shelters, and Jesus' brothers said to him, "Leave here and go to Judea, where your followers can see your miracles! You can't become famous if you hide like this! If you can do such wonderful things, show yourself to the world!" For even his brothers didn't believe in him.—John 7:2-5 NLTKey ThoughtImagine how hard it must have been for Jesus. His family just didn't get it. The Lord's physical half brothers and sisters didn't understand and didn't believe until after his resurrection. Jesus didn't perform miraculous signs to "show out"… [©RTS]

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