Archaeologists CANNOT Explain These Ancient Structures of India! Secrets of Chandravalli Caves

Archaeologists CANNOT Explain These Ancient Structures of India! Secrets of Chandravalli Caves

Let us explore outside the caves of Chandravalli in Karnataka. Did Ancient builders do strange scientific experiments – who can explain these structures?

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00:00 – Introduction
00:11 – Gaali Mandapam
05:35 – Garuda Naga Linga
07:31 – Granary
08:30 – Cave of Light Experiments
11:19 – Conclusion

Hey guys, today I am going to explore just outside Chandravalli caves, and there are many unexplained structures here, like this one.
It looks very strange right? Is it a temple? Or is it something else? It has been created between 2 giant natural rocks, and we can see a crude triangle with three windows. Let’s go closer and take a good look. Why would somebody create such a structure in the middle of nowhere? It is set up about 20 feet high from the ground, on top of a rock, and look at this area, it almost looks like a well-done roof. What is inside this structure? Let me see if I can go up there.
There is a strange carving here, that most people will probably miss. It looks like a Reptilian, pointing to the right. It is either an unfinished carving or it was made specifically so faintly, so most people will not notice it.
I am squeezing through these rocks and trying to get to this area. It must have been a secret hideout or something, because they did not create a proper pathway for people to get to this building. My camera person and guide have stayed behind while I am trying to see what is up here.
A brick structure with a nice entrance, it is less than 4 feet tall. Many old doorways in this area are less than 4 feet tall, as though they were designed for little people or little green men. But there is nothing inside. Some parts are made into brick walls plastered with lime mortar. I am struggling to climb up, I think there is another way through the right side. But no, I don’t think so. You have to manually climb the rock using your hands. It is very hard. On the top, again, there is nothing, just a natural rock floor, and the brick windows. What was the point of constructing this? This is how it looks from the top. It is quite high, even though I didn’t feel it while I climbed. The brick walls are well plastered, and the windows are designed with nice arches. Was it a look out post, a watch tower of sorts? What other purpose could it have?
You cannot even stand upright in this, because the ceiling is, again less than 4 feet tall. You can see how I am crouching, because of the low ceiling. The floor is also sloping on both sides, you can slide off through the window and fall down, or slide down to the other side. I mean what was this structure used for, there is no room, no practical use, nothing, you cannot even stand here.
But climbing down is even harder, because there is nothing to grasp or hold on to.
Originally something must have been inside.

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