Ancient Giant Silicon Trees

Recent studies have shown that their is, in fact, a giant tunnel system under Devils Tower that reaches far underneath the Earth. The tunnel networks make much more sense when you realize that they were created through these powerful enormously huge roots of these ancient giant trees. Much of the Toltec potteries that depict a megalithic sized crocodile/reptile beast was most likely representing the giant quarry excavation machines, like the ones we still use today. The ancients would explain and describe what they saw or encountered with what correlated with their surrounding nature. We have many cultures depicting of a sub terrain underground system; a completely different world than what we know of today all together. The connections between Moissenite alongside craters and said petrified trees are able to be correlated as the moissenite is commonly found around these sites. As well as the Basalt columns that are identical to the hexagonal tree fibers of today, all of these observations are indeed compelling. There are quite a number of Silicon Trees are still located all throughout our Realm..

These are not ancient folklore or stories to fascinate the mind, but more so of events that took place alongside much profound observations. Well at least for those that have eyes to see..
– @the_woken_undead –

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