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On The Search for The Missing Cryptoqueen, Ruja Plamenova Ignatova | Documentary

©BBC World Service for June 3, 2024
Original title: The Missing Cryptoqueen: Dead or Alive?

00:00 The story so far
02:20 The Cryptoqueen
06:00 Financial revolution?
09:05 The Hunter
12:36 The Spy
14:00 Are they onto me?
19:05 Ruja vanishes
22:51 Murky finances
24:10 Extortion
28:28 Organised crime
32:25 Meet Dimitar
37:46 Most Wanted Woman
41:30 Vanished or victim?
43:30 Secret document
47:00 Cape Town horror

A BBC investigation into the fate of Ruja Ignatova, the flamboyant founder of fake cryptocurrency OneCoin…and the world’s most wanted woman.

Dubbed the “Missing Cryptoqueen”, Ruja Ignatova is on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list after defrauding investors of $4.5 billion and then vanishing. Now, #BBCEye and #BBCPanorama investigate her close ties to a suspected Bulgarian organised crime boss and allegations that she was brutally assassinated.

This BBC World Service documentary has exclusive access to the US special agent in charge of tracking Ignatova down and follows a brave Bulgarian journalist who’s faced grave threats trying to get to the truth.

Did the missing Cryptoqueen run with the money, or was she fatally targeted by the very people that were supposed to protect her?

Head of Longform – Liz Gibbons
BBC Eye Editor – Marc Perkins
Executive Producer – Michael Simkin
Produced and Directed by Storm Theunissen
Narrated by Caroline Catz
Film Editor – Nick Follows
Shooting Producer – Max Hudson
Directors of Photography – Graham Smith, Will Francome, Jon Stapleton,
Additional Camera – Namak Khoshnaw, Oana Marocico, Kevin McGregor
Assistant Camera – Katie Green
Producer – Yordan Tsalov
Impact Producers – Vicky Baker, Tom Donkin, Emma Jacobs, Anusha Kumar, Paul Organe, Emaan Warraich
Technical Producers – David Smith, Regan Wharton
Post Production Producer – Anna Norqvist
Production Executive – Nayantara Gauba
Production Manager – Jessica Butler
Production Management Assistant – Catia Da Costa
Dubbing Mixer – Andy Sears
Colourist – Michael Sanders
Online Editor – Ben Salkeld
Researchers – Harry Atteshlis, Tetiana Martyniuk
Translators – Boryana Desheva, Krassimira Twigg
Archive Researcher – Kate Rea
Archive – Alamy, BBC Archive, BNT,, eNCA, Fox Archives, Gallo Images, Getty Images, Pond5, Slavi Angelov, Shutterstock
With thanks to Atanas Tchobanov

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