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Hush Money Trial COLLAPSES After Michael Cohen ADMITS Stealing THOUSANDS from Trump Org!

Buckle up. Trish Regan for Monday May-20-2024
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This is not looking good for Alvin Bragg’s prosecution team. As the prosecution in the Trump ‘hush-money’ trial rests its case, a cross examination of Michael Cohen has the former Trump lawyer admitting to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from The Trump Organization. I have details on what this means for the case. He admitted stole because he was angry and saw the money as a kind of self-help.

Meanwhile, new developments in the Diddy case as he issues an “apology” to his former girlfriend amid the revelation of a shocking tape.

And – a new poll from CBS News spells more good news for former President Donald Trump. I’ll explain. See you here for the LIVE edition of the program.

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