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GOD Punished Tartaria with the Mud Flood / Tartaria, Tartary or Tartarian Empire

©EredinLore for September 24, 2023

FLAT EARTH member’s note: Background on the content creator’s username – “Eredin” is one of the main villains of “The Witcher: Blood Origin” [a 2022 TV mini-series] and played by Australian actor Jacob Collins-Levy. The definition of “Lore” is the ‘accumulated knowledge on a subject or tradition’. Together “Eredin Lore” stands for The Witch’s Knowledge. [End note]

Sep. 24, 2023 – Tartary or Tartaria is a historical name for Central Asia and Siberia. Ignorance surrounding Tartary’s use as a place name has spawned conspiracy theories including ideas of a “hidden past” and “mud floods”. Such theories assert that Tartary (or the “Tartarian Empire”) was a lost civilization with advanced technology and culture. This ignores the well-documented history of Asia, which Tartary refers to. In the present day, the Tartary region covers a region spanning from central Afghanistan to northern Kazakhstan, as well as areas in present Mongolia, China and the Russian Far East in “Chinese Tartary”.

The globalized version of the conspiracy theory is based on an alternative view of architectural history. Adherents propose that demolished buildings such as the Singer Building, the original New York Penn Station, or the temporary grounds of the 1915’s World’s Fair were actually the buildings of a vast empire based in Tartary that has been suppressed from history. Sumptuously styled Gilded Age buildings are often held out as really having been built by the supposed Tartaria. Other buildings, such as the Great Pyramids and the White House, are further held out as Tartarian buildings. The conspiracy theory only vaguely describes how such a supposedly advanced civilization which had reputedly achieved world peace could have fallen and been hidden.

In the conspiracy theory, the idea that a “mud flood” wiped out much of the world via depopulation and thus old buildings is common, supported by the fact that many buildings across the world have architectural elements like doors, windows and archways submerged many feet below “ground level”. Both World War I and II are cited as a way in which Tartaria was destroyed and hidden, reflecting the reality that the extensive bombing campaigns of World War II did destroy many historic buildings. The general evidence for the theory is that there are similar styles of building around the world, such as capitol buildings with domes, or star forts. Also many photographs from the turn of the 20th century appear to show deserted city streets in many capital cities across the world. When people do start to appear in the photographs there is a striking contrast between the horse and cart dwellers in the muddy streets and the elaborate, highly ornate stone mega-structures which tower above the inhabitants of the cities, which is seen even in modern cities where extreme poverty is contrasted with skyscrapers.


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