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Evidence of Ancient Medical Technology. Are we a product of Genetic Engineering & DNA manipulation?

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Hey guys, today I want to show you some radical, groundbreaking evidences about ancient India & its technology.
Here is a carving found in an ancient temple. It shows something mind boggling, a sperm approaching an ovum, just prior to fertilization. But this sounds nonsensical, because we know that human fertilization process was only discovered in the 19th century. But this ancient Indian temple built more than a thousand years ago, so how could they carve a sperm and ovum, looking like this, without a microscope?

Of course, some will argue that this is something else, a snake eating an egg. Some will argue that this Rahu from Hindu mythology, he is known for eating the Sun or Moon, causing the eclipse. Quite an interesting story from Hindu texts, except that this explanation conveniently avoids telling you that Rahu is only Half snake, his entire upper torso is always shown Human-like with full facial features.

Here is another ancient carving from another ancient temple. Again, this is clearly a sperm, fertilizing an ovum. This is how it originally looked until the last 5 years, and the temple has decided to paint it recently. Sorry it looks like this now; I like the older look. And One detail of this is that, you can see that the sperm is smaller, and the ovum is larger. If this is a snake, there is no way it can swallow this. If you look at the actual videos of snakes eating eggs, you will not even consider this as a possibility. And this is not even a snake, because it doesn’t have any head or scales. If you notice Hindu temples, they carved the details perfectly, they carved scales, they carved tongue, they even carved rows of teeth inside their mouths, which most of us today, don’t even know they have teeth like this. If, this is in fact a sperm and ovum, and ancient India was far ahead in advanced technology, shouldn’t they have documented what happens after fertilization?

In another ancient temple, you can see something even more strange, a single cell. It is unmistakable, because it looks circular, like an egg cell, with a round nucleus at the center. So, what happens when a sperm unites with this egg cell? A new life called Zygote is formed, and it starts to divide rapidly, The fertilized egg starts to split.. into two cells. Again, this is clearly shown in the same temple, in the same place. Then, it starts to split into four cells. Again, this cell division is also clearly shown in the same temple, side by side, as though they are giving us a step by step explanation of the process.. Then the cells start to become a blob and slowly starts to look like a human after 8 weeks. Now, this is called a fetus.

Now thus far, you have definitely wondered, is this all true? Or is this something else? If this is really true, if they studied the fertilization and cell division, then there should be carvings of fetus inside the womb, right?
In a temple called Kundadam Bhairavar temple, there are carvings showing fetus, with the umbilical cord attached, clearly in the fetal position, just like how we are able to see them with advanced technology now. There are other carvings showing stylized form of the human fetus as well. I have personally visited this temple to film this, however I was told that photography has now been banned. But I have seen them with my own eyes and confirm that these carvings are there in the temple, but the pictures I am using are from the internet. But this is not the only temple which shows the fetus. In another ancient temple, in the village of Sirukarumbur, there is a weird carving. Again, it shows an unborn baby, a fetus, inside the womb, in the fetal position. These carvings of fetuses are found in several ancient temples, but this carving gives us some spectacular details. It was originally said to be in the main chamber of the temple, and it has a hole on top, where a specific concoction will be poured inside as a ritual, as though they are nourishing the fetus.

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