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DEMAND for Unvaxxed sperm is through the ROOF! Mr. Beast gets CANCELLED?! Washington Times ACCUSES Steven Crowder & +More | WHF

©WHF Entertainment for November 12, 2023 –

Original video: Censored & Shadow-banned by Youtube,

YouTube’s Mr. Beast gets CANCELLED for building wells in AFRICA?! Washington Times ACCUSES Steven Crowder of being a trans shooter after LEAKING the Nashville Manifesto!? Climate activists are having a BAD week! And the DEMAND for unvaxxed sperm is through the ROOF! Welcome to the WEEKLY ROUNDUP! Where we revisit the most ridiculous news stories of the week.

(0:00) Intro
(0:26) Steven Crowder LEAKS Nashville manifesto!
(2:15) Mr. Beast CANCELLED by the media for HELPING Africians?
(3:36) Just Oil activists RUIN $90 million dollar painting?!
(4:12) Elderly American SHOOTS two climate activists!
(5:56) Ben Shapiro HATES ceasefires?!
(6:37) Justin Trudeau SHILLS for the FLU
(8:23) High DEMAND for unvaxxed sperm?
(10:43) Outro


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