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The world of BEYOND THE ICE WALLS FULL LORE & Explanation | Complete Full Series

©Italian P&C for May 5, 2023

Original video w/ 400k views and 1,500 comments

May 5, 2023 – Hello and welcome to the Compendium, Compilation, United Full series of the world BEYOND the ICE WALLS! After making 8 separate episodes In the span of almost 3 months, i decided to unite them into a single mega-video longer than 6 Hours, highly edited compared to the singular episodes by themselves.

Hope you enjoy this almost cinematic masterpiece where we go into a journey of exploration throughout ALL the lands, continents, islands, ice walls & gates that exist outside of Antarctica, as well as a flat earther’s dream of discovering all the societies, species, creatures and people that have been created since the time of Magellan’s expedition.


To download the map for yourselves, here’s the link:

To join the channel’s discord server, here’s the link:

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Biggest props to the creator of this map , Ohawhewhe as well as the rest of his team, for making such a work of art, this truly is a mind boggling worldbuilding project I stumbled upon while eating a toast.

Link to their server:
Link to their map (no lines from the series) :

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