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Coronation of the New World Order, and the Pedos, Prostitutes, Perverts and Pinheads in Charge / Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Charles III | Jeff Berwick / Dollar Vigilante

©Jeff Berwick / Dollar Vigilante for Saturday May-13-2023

How it started, and how it’s going: No money, no food; Lethal poison shots; Fighting wars with trannies; Sterile kids with butchered reproductive organs…

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***** Sources for this video *****

Intro vid: All out of Bubblegum – Blooded the Brave:

Jeff at Monerotopia clip:

Coronation 666:

VIDEO: Royal fans left terrified after spotting the ‘Grim Reaper’ at the coronation – but did you spot it?! Is this real?!?:

What a true queen sounds like:

Biden gets hand slapped away from a child:

Yellen: We Are not a Deadbeat country:

VIDEO: PedoSatan: “We’re not gonna increase the debt that every president has done for the last six million years here, never having done anything but that.”:

BIDEN: “We cut the deficit by $160 billion dollars! BILLION!

B – I – L – O – I – O – N dollars…!”

Jamie Dimon Ban Short Selling of Bank Stocks:

White House Names Kamala Harris ‘AI Czar’ to Save Humanity from Artificial Intelligence: House Names Kamala Harris ‘AI Czar’ to Save

Humanity from Artificial Intelligence:

VIDEO Kamala Harris reminding the world she is needlessly verbose: “Some of our younger small business owners actually self-identify as entrepreneurs. They’re small business owners also. Ha ha ha”:

Kamala drunk, rambling on how you exist in the context of everything around you (yes, I exist in a world where she apparently exists, sigh)

VIDEO – Biden Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk can’t come up with an answer on how spending $50 trillion in taxpayer dollars will reduce temperatures: (4 minutes, 28 seconds)

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