INSANITIZED – Unmasking the Truth in a world gone mad… [Track 1: Introduction]

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Throughout all of human history, the Heavens and the Earth have served as a testament to the Creator.

Day after day, the world in which we all live proclaims the undeniable reality of GOD .
It constantly points us back to our dependence upon Him for everything we need to live.

And it betrays our frail mortality.

Every breath we breathe a reminder of the very first which GOD Breathed into Adam giving him life

Every step we take on the soil under our feet, a reminder that from the dust we came, and to the dust we shall all return…

Every new morning that begins with the sun obeying GOD ‘s command to bring the dawn again, has gently screamed the truth that we are not here on accident, we are not self-sufficient, and nothing we can collectively do can silence this testimony of GOD ’s incomprehensible artistry, engineering, and provision…

But that doesn’t mean that the Enemies of GOD won’t still try…

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