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Bizarre Videos You Aren’t Brave Enough To Watch

From a scary encounter in the woods with an unknown creature to creepy and unexplained sounds in this video I will analyze Bizarre videos you aren’t brave enough to watch. Going camping can be something really cool to do but sometimes it just doesn’t go about as expected. It’s the case with a YouTuber who felt a strange feeling of being watched in the woods, when all of a sudden he heard strange sounds approaching him. It wasn’t what he expected. A strange sight is captured on camera at night , but is it what it seems ? A unexplained phenomena is caught on tape in different places all over , but what could it be ? A group of people find themselves having trouble with a bizarre phenomena in their house, when they go down to the basement to find out what it is , they are in for an unpleasant surprise. Welcome to the Impossible Channel where I upload 2 or 3 videos per week for your entertainment. I work with Creepy, mysterious and unexplained phenomena that will keep you on edge.

Narrated by James LaFleur – my other channel:

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