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THEY HATE YOU / Fauci Confronted & Why Trump Is Too Popular | Russell Brand Full Show for Wednesday March-22-2023

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With guests Dr Rhonda Patrick (@foundmyfitness ) and Stella Assange (@Stella_Assange)

Dr Rhonda aims to translate complex scientific ideas into actionable insights through her podcast, videos and articles:
YouTube Channel –
Apple Podcast
Spotify –

Stella is a lawyer and defender of human rights, and wife of Julian Assange, campaigning for his release #FreeAssangeNOW

Check this out:
“Visitors could be prosecuted for viewing some of the materials included in an art exhibition being staged by Wikileaks in London. The show will address tactics of government oppression and the state of freedom of speech in contemporary societies, and includes hard copies of the classified government cables leaked by Julian Assange in 2010.”

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