Reality Bites: Biden Gives Green Light to Alaska Drilling | Trish Regan

Buckle up. Trish Regan for Tuesday March-14-2023
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00:00:00 Biden okays drilling in Alaska –
00:01:51 600 million barrels of crude from Alaska’s North Slope
00:02:49 President Joe Biden defends his decision to drill to ‘The Daily Show’
00:03:20 Trish Regan: Joe Biden is an ‘adult’ at 80?
00:04:05 Energy Secretary has no energy plan
00:04:25 Regan: ‘This is the height of incompetence!’
00:05:20 The Danger of Not Raising Rates to Fight Inflation
00:06:00 Inflation in consumer prices is up 6.0%
00:07:00 Interview with Tie Lasseter, CEO, KeyCity Capital
00:11:27 Former Pres Donald Trump Compares Gov Ron DeSantis to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

Higher oil prices have finally caught up with the President as he orders drilling in the arctic – something he promised never to do.

Plus, more volatility on Wall Street as investors consider the challenging position the Federal Reserve is now in…

And, hear what former President Donald Trump has to say about his competition… Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida!

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