It’s a Head Fake! Markets To See MORE Volatility | Trish Regan

Buckle up. Trish Regan for Tuesday March-14-2023
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00:00:00 Trish Regan: This Crisis Is NOT Over
00:15:00 Inflating Our Way Out of Debt
00:16:00 Gordon Chang: China’s in Trouble
00:20:00 Chang: Fauci Should Be Investigated
00:31:00 Will Tucker Carlson Be Taken OFF the air?

In today’s show, Journalist Trish Regan explains why investors aren’t out of the woods yet…

Plus, Gordan Chang joins Trish to discuss how China is reacting to OUR inflation challenges and, according to Chang, China is in deep trouble.

Meanwhile, Chang has lots to say about what he believes were examples of China lying throughout early 2020 in an effort to ‘spread the disease.’ Chang calls for the investigation of Anthony Fauci, citing his decision to move forward with gain of function research.

Finally, as we consider the inability to speak the truth over the last several years, the challenge persists…. under fire now, Tucker Carlson of Fox News. Senator Chuck Schumer now wants him off the air.

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