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Will Massive Debt Create A Gold Rush? / Legacy Precious Metals CEO Charles Thorngren | Trish Regan

Buckle up. Trish Regan for Saturday February-18-2023
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With U.S. debt now at $31 trillion, gold is suddenly in focus.

Central Banks around the world were buying the asset in the last part of the year, leading to an 18% increase in the commodity.

But, can the upside continue? Trish Regan is joined by the CEO of Legacy Precious Metals, Charles Thorngren, one of the sponsors of the Trish Regan Show Podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, to hear his take on where gold is heading next.

To speak with the team at Legacy Precious Metals directly about investing in gold or silver: Call 1-866-589-0560 or, Get a free investing guide at:

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