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Super Bowl Begins With ‘The Black National Anthem’ – And It’s An Utter Disgrace | Matt Walsh

Today on the Matt Walsh Show (Monday February 12, 2023 Ep.#1112), the Super Bowl features racially segregated national anthems. This is being done to end racism, but it only causes and encourages what it pretends to be fighting against. Also, the UFO invasion is finally underway. It’s an exciting time for alien-enthusiasts like myself, though some are speculating that perhaps there is another explanation for the sudden epidemic of mysterious aircraft in our skies. We’ll review all of the possibilities today. Plus, the worst ecological disaster in American history is currently unfolding in Ohio, but you probably haven’t heard much if anything about it.

00:00 – Opening
01:39 – Super Bowl Begins With ‘The Black National Anthem,’ And It’s An Utter Disgrace
13:26 – The UFO Situation
30:06 – Train Derailed With Toxic Chemicals On Board
41:24 – New Indiana Jones Movie Trailer Dropped
45:42 – The Comments Section
53:20 – TikTok Lazy “Hair Guy” Is Canceled
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