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Portugal new Visa rules for 2023 / Best country to move to in Europe

Portugal Visa and Residence Permit options for 2023
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00:00 Intro
01:15 Portugal Visa Rules for 2023

Portugal D7 Visa

Let’s start the video with the Portugal D7 Visa, which is in my opinion, the best visa and/or residence permit arrangement among all EU countries for non-EU citizens.

The D7 visa is basically a visa for non-EU citizens for those earning passive income, may it be from stock dividends, pensions abroad, some remote business and income from real estate. If you are from the EU…

Because of this, I am going to split the D7 into two sections: The Portugal visa for digital nomads, and the visa for retirees.

Portugal visa for digital nomads

Portugal is still one of the top countries receiving digital nomads from the EU as well as from countries outside the EU. Mostly notably, from the US, the UK and Brazil, but also other countries.

By the way we have several videos for those looking to get a digital nomad visa in Europe, so feel free to browse around our channel for more information on that.

The second category of expats that benefits from the D7 are retirees.

The D7 is aimed firstly at those living on passive income, which is the category most retirees around the world can apply to live in Portugal.

The financial requirement for the D7 visa still remains ridiculously low, especially when we compare it to other similar passive residence visas in countries like Spain or France.
Currently, with an income slightly above 700 euros if you are coming alone, and just a bit more than 1000 euros per month if you are coming as a married couple, you can qualify for the D7 visa.

The D2 Visa

In Portugal it is also possible to immigrate to, if you want to run a business. This can be any type of business in theory. If you are a freelancer and want to work in Portugal for Portuguese and international clients, you can use the D2 visa. If you want to open a restaurant or an auto repair shop, you can also use this visa.

The Non-habitual residence

Portugal has a program called the Non-Habitual Residence. This is not really a visa category, but a tool you can use if you are moving to Portugal, especially if you are coming on the D7 visa, and if you are an EU citizen.

With the NHR program (or NHR), you can have a number tax discounts for 10 years. It is definitely not a zero tax solution, as many channels and websites advertise, as the tax discounts will depend on the type of income you have.

Portugal Golden visa

Finally, I am going to talk now about the Portugal Golden Visa.

The Golden Visa in Portugal simply put Portugal on the map of global investors in the past decade. It used to be an amazing deal, you could buy property in any part of Portugal, get a golden visa, start your path to citizenship and just live a happy life.

Just quickly to give an overview of the real estate market in Portugal, it is basically overpriced in most places, and most properties are probably not a good investment if you want to rent the property you bought. Rental yields are low in most parts of the country considering how high property prices got in relation to how stagnated real salaries growth is.

From the requirements point of view things also have changed, as residential properties in larger cities do not qualify for the golden visa anymore, and financial requirements are significantly higher.

Student Residence Permit in Portugal

Studying in Portugal is another option to move to the country. This is especially a good idea if you are already planning to study abroad anyway. Portuguese universities are significantly cheaper than universities in Canada, Australia, the US, UK and other popular English speaking countries.

Another advantage here is that if you come from a visa free country to the Schengen area, you can come to Portugal visa free, apply to the institution where you are planning to study and get a residence permit without having to go back to our country of origin. So for example if you are from the US or Australia, you can just come to Portugal as a tourist, enroll to some education degree which makes you eligible for a residence permit, and then you can just live in Portugal.

Work permit in Portugal

The tricky part here is definitely being offered a job, as the Portuguese job market is far away from booming.

There is also a similar advantage as to students in regards to getting a work permit. If you come to Portugal and you can stay visa free for up to 90 days, if in this period you miraculously manage to find a job, you can then change your status from a short term visitor to a resident in the country.

Overall situation

For this year Portugal still remains one of the best and easiest countries to move to in Europe.

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