Unexpected Things You WON’T Believe Were Caught On Tape

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If you’ve ever recorded with your camera, you’ve probably stumbled upon something that wasn’t supposed to be there, something that was unexpected. It’s not very common but it sometimes occurs. For instance –
Ghosts : Ouija board is a “paranormal”game that supposedly calls on spirits and most people are scared of playing it, for a good reason. A couple of friends play with the ouija board and it doesn’t go as they expected it to , and what happens next will chill you to the bone.
Anomaly : Teleportation is still being studied by experts and at some level it has been achieved, but only if we’re talking about very small objects. In this video a driver spots what’s supposed to be teleportation caught on camera and in this case it’s an entire person , is it real or is it a glitch?
Creepy Randonautica : Randonautica is a new game that many consider to be sort of weird. It takes you to random places and usually nothing happens, but in some cases , it’s different. A YouTuber goes on a crazy adventure that doesn’t go as expected.
Petrifying well : Have you ever heard of this mysterious place ? In it you can place any object just below the well and after a while the object will become stone – is it as mysterious as it looks ? Watch and find out ! Welcome to impossible channel where I upload new videos 2 times a week, so count on James LaFleur for more of the unexplained and impossible. I only analyze the most mind blowing and creepiest of the internet viral videos for your entertainment.

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