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“NO WAY” Videos That Are Glitching People Out

From mysterious phenomena to unexplained glitches and creepy things caught on camera in this video I will analyze creepy videos that are freaking people out and strange things that will definitely make you say “NO WAY”. Welcome to the Impossible channel where James LaFleur analyses the creepiest and the most mind blowing videos for your entertainment.

Narrated by James LaFleur
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Something in the sky : When you’re out in the countryside observing the stars and you start to wonder how many of them exist, you get to a question that almost everyone asks themselves. And that is : is there anything out there ? Or is it just us ? Tridja111 a TikTok user was travelling to the countryside with his family when all of a sudden he spots something strange in the sky, he asks the passenger to start recording and they capture what appears to be a sold and metallic object. But they weren’t the only ones who saw it – and it gets even stranger – this isn’t the first time this “thing” shows up. What is it ?
Animals going in circles for 12 days : I love dogs and cats and you already probably know that animals can sense things way better than humans can. They can see and hear things we can’t. And this is what makes these videos that are going around the internet as creepy and baffling as it can get. It seems there is a herd of sheep going in circles for more than 12 days and it was caught on camera, strange right ? But this is where things get even stranger and a bit scary – they aren’t the only ones. After it became a viral video many others started popping up and all of a sudden there are several different animals going in circles all over the world. What’s going on here ?
Bigfoot, Sasquatch or maybe something else ? : I’m not sure why, but supposed Bigfoot and Sasquatch sightings are super common in some specific regions, and there is very little proof of their existence but there’s quite a few good videos. Now if you take into consideration the amount of people who go fishing ( that’s a lot of people every year ) and cross this number with bigfoot sightings in certain fishing regions the numbers go up. This is what I did and I came across some of the most intriguing and mysterious videos I’ve ever seen when it comes to Yeti videos. But are they the real deal ?
Glitch in the matrix or what ? : Sometimes you’re just out and about doing your normal thing living your life when all of a sudden you catch something completely unexplained, something that makes you scratch your head and go : ” NO WAY “. Well, this is the case with Sarina Beverly who posted a very intriguing video to TikTok. She saw what appears to be a two headed deer , but wait…something
even stranger is caught on tape. Was a glitch or did something else happen?
Mysterious stone rock that has super-powers : Ever heard of the Hypatia stone ? It’s this alien-like rock that was found in the desert and isn’t from anywhere we know of. But it doesn’t have super-powers like you would expect. But there’s a strange video circling the internet of a stone that can change water into red and doesn’t reflect in the mirror and many other things. In ancient times this stone was known for it doing miraculous things. But most people think it’s just a trick of sort, but the videos show otherwise. What is this ?
Security guard talks to a Ghost : A Security guard is working on a hospital when all of a sudden the doors open, it’s 3am and he’s all alone, at least this is what the CCTV cam shows. After the door opens no one comes in however he reacts as if there’s someone there. He gets up, talks to someone that’s not there, registers the person and so on and so forth. When he looks over…there’s no one there anymore. Scary right ?
These and many more other unexplained phenomena caught on camera for you to watch.

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Ghost basement video by dinonuggets741
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