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©Dollar Vigilante for Monday November 21, 2022

If Kill Bill hasn’t killed you yet, the NWO has a lot more up their Grim Reaper sleeve. Choose your poison: Fentanyl jabs and lab meat – what could possibly go wrong?

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Intro: NWO by World Government Summit –

Outro: Sam, Gary, Caroline and Glenn (Johnathan Mann):

Fentanyl Vaccine:

The FDA has just approved Lab-grown meat for human consumption:

Climate insanity. On November 29th, the Oxford City Council will vote on establishing 15 Minute Zones. People will need a permit to drive outside their designated zone more than 100

San Francisco launches transgender guaranteed income program – lol, you can’t make this shit up:

Gazprom Explosion

My name is Sam Parody – Crypt0 Bear:

Maxine blowing kisses to SBF


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