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Proof Amazon is FAR MORE DANGEROUS than you may have thought | Glenn Beck

©Glenn Beck for Thursday November 17, 2022

The world knows Amazon is an extraordinarily powerful company, but one family’s terrifying story demonstrates just how dark, dominant, and dishonorable the corporation truly is. Amy’s husband, Carl, was accused of a crime by Amazon — his former employer — in 2020. Even though Carl was never charged for that crime, Amazon still seized nearly ALL the funds Amy and Carl had spent years acquiring. Everything was taken directly from their bank accounts via civil asset forfeiture. But the dangers of Amazon go even further. In this clip, Amy joins Glenn to detail just how menacing the relationship between Amazon and our federal government — specifically the DOJ — truly is.

Watch Amy dive more into her story during Glenn’s recent, 2-hour special: ‘Targets of Tyranny.’ You can watch part of the special with the link below, or watch the full version now on

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