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MOON HOAX NOW | A Jet Wintzer Documentary (2015)

A Jet Wintzer Documentary
©2015 Filminco Productions

Jet Wintzer’s awards at IMDB

Award winning feature and documentary filmmaker Jet Wintzer launches into the Apollo moon hoax conspiracy with new research mined from an exhaustive exploration of the official NASA broadcasts and public record. MOON HOAX NOW drops multiple bombshell smoking guns that forcefully prove aspects of the record to be a fraudulent charade. The film features esoteric clips from the live TV footage, gorgeous 16mm film reels, stunning hi def photographs and technical manuals soundtracked to an original spaced out trancey score. The film is narrated by Jet who painstakingly dissects the running dialogue between the astronauts and mission control paying close attention to shocking mistakes, stressed out reactions and on the fly attempted coverups.

More than just an attack on the official story, MOON HOAX NOW is also an exciting reverent new appraisal of the mission as one of the greatest works of conceptual art ever made. Using rare footage, vintage Nasa promotional films and dazzling analysis, MOON HOAX NOW takes the viewer on a voyeuristic voyage behind the vast dazzling lunar curtain.

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