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The REAL Question About the Paul Pelosi Attack | Liz Wheeler

©Liz Wheeler for Monday October 31, 2022 | Ep. 219

Anyone else think the Paul Pelosi attack stinks to high heaven? Something very fishy is going on here… In order to expose the truth, Liz dives into the mainstream media’s narrative and the facts that are missing, what we know happened so far, and the questions we should really be asking. Plus, this latest Pelosi debacle is just another example of why it’s so important that Elon Musk bought Twitter. This is The Liz Wheeler Show.

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00:00 – Welcome to The Liz Wheeler Show
04:28 – The Pelosi attack, according to leftists
13:40 – The MSM doesn’t care about political violence
18:33 – Who attacked Paul Pelosi?
26:00 – Some major details missing from these reports
29:26 – Was this politically motivated?
32:45 – Important questions to ask
36:06 – This is why citizen journalism is important

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