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©Dollar Vigilante for Wednesday September 28, 2022

The bludsthatahcuhclapsin… For once, Pedo ‘Cyborg Assassin’ Hitler got it right: It’s all about The Great Collapse – of health, education, money, power, food… Fortunately, Baal Gates is back to save the day and keep climate change away.

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Intro vid: Imagine… Communism (John Lennon Parody)

Outro vid: They don’t predict, they tell – The Simpsons Music Video:

Something major has to collapse every #Shemitah! So far it is the #BritishPound and the day is only half over… still every central bankster having a press conference later!

PPI inflation index in Germany is 50% per annum! And, here’s convicted felon Christine Lagarde with her scholarly, technical analysis… “We see inflation as a hump… and humps eventually decline!” It didn’t decline in Weimar, Christine! Lagarde today: “Inflation remains far too high and is likely to stay above our target for an extended period.”

Biden Cyborg – volume up:


Cringe Theater: Ba’al Gates Frankencorn. – Wanna know about corn? Ask the software guy:

Kill Gates Corn Promo:

WEF Benefits of world hunger… hungry people work harder


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