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Public School Defends Male Teacher’s Right To Wear Giant Fake Breasts | Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh for Monday September 19, 2022 | Ep. #1024
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00:00 – Opening
01:48 – Public School Defends Male Teacher’s Right To Wear Giant Fake Breasts
12:54 – Biden Gives Controversial 60 Minutes Interview
20:44 – Martha’s Vineyard Residents Celebrating Busing Immigrants Out
25:08 – Bill Maher Accused Of Being A White Supremacist
34:21 – No ‘Jane’s Revenge’ Group Members Have Been Arrested
40:26 – Adorably Cringey Grandma Releases Rap Song To Promote Her Congress Campaign
42:58 – The Comments Section
50:22 – Relativists Are Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a school teacher sexually harasses his students by wearing massive prosthetic breasts to class. But the school says that his gender expression is protected and only bigots would criticize him for it. Also, Joe Biden is asked whether he’s running for re-election and he doesn’t exactly say yes. Plus, Bill Maher is accused of defending slavery. In our Daily Cancellation, math teachers try to explain why basic arithmetic is racist.

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