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PedoHitler | Cannibals Against Climate Change and Extremism – The Nazi Cabal’s Plans for You | Dollar Vigilante

©Dollar Vigilante for Monday September 5, 2022

Want to escape death by hypothermia, starvation, or the Covaids clot shot? Support an autistic Swedish girl, and do your bit to fight climate change by eating a friend… or yourself… WEF approved.

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***** Sources for this video *****

Intro vid: Greta Thunberg sings Swedish Death Metal (All music written and performed by John Mollusk. Inspired by, and all lyrics by Greta Thunberg):

Corona Virus Predictive Programing V for Vendetta:

Karine Jean-Pierre: You Must Agree with the Majority Or “You Are Extreme” (VIDEO):

Biden’s alternative ABCs:

Reported consumer inflation is now well into double digits in large parts of Europe – crazy thing is these numbers are probably well underreported:

German FM: I will put Ukraine first “no matter what my German voters think” or how hard their life gets:

SWEDISH Cannes short film prize winner – Vegan Plant-based burger that tastes like human flesh:

Reference articles: Food Shortages: WEF Globalists Promote Diet of Bugs — and Cannibalism:

Ahhh it’s the energy drinks! Popular drink linked to risk of blood clots within ‘1 hour’ of intake:

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